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Ordered a 2500HD in June expecting to pick it up late August or early September.
It's now been 13 weeks and I still do not have a production/delivery date. The truck
was ordered for snow plowing and I'm starting worry - my 92 K5 blazer will not last
another season with out sinking a lot of dollars.

Does any one have any advice or similar problems?


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    I ordered a 2002 HD Crew with the Duramax and 6 speed on June 19th. I got a TPW of September 17th, but it was built the week of September 10. I have a target arrival at the dealer of tomorrow. Hoping things go as planned....
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    I am in the same predicament as all of you. I can understand delays in producing a vehicle, but it seems each and every GM truck I have ordered has taken an incredibly long time. My wifes Expedition was ordered in 97 right when it came out and it came in in 6 weeks as promised. Anyway, I ordered a 2002 GMC 2500HD with a 6.0 engine, EC,auto, 4:10 gears on April 13. I know it's a little early but the dealer told me to do so as to get an allotment(?). The order was accepted June 13 and to this day ,no build date. I thought ordering a truck with the standard engine would have sped things up a bit. Now I realize I should have gotten the 8.1 liter. At any rate what ticks me off is that GM has no clue whatsoever as to when things will be built. I am also in the same boat as I bought this truck to plow snow.We will wait and see. Kind of disheartening when the dealer already HAS 2002's on the lot, none of which I like. Even more disheartening is my local Ford Dealer has 35 Super Dutys in stock both years. Oh well...
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    I was told last week (by the dealer) that the truck was delayed because of the leather Bench Seat. While I'm not sure if it's true, I would of been glad to change to buckets. The 6th person is not needed - just preferred. I just hope that the truck isn't delayed any longer, but maybe Ford will find me a truck quickly.
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    I ordered a 2500HD 2wd, auto, buckets, tow pkg. with locker back in June. It was built 2nd week Sept. and was supposed to be in by now, so hoping any day now. I got a call from the salesman last week to tell me he had a vin #. I told him to get the truck, not the vin #. He then told me the price of the truck had gone up $100 since the sell as if I were going to fork over more $. I did come in pretty fair on price by shopping on the net then going to local dealer. $203 over invoice according to KBB.
    Hope yours comes in soon Don.
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    Dealer just called to tell me that the truck will be built "first or second" week of October. I told him it is pretty sick that I know more info than he does. I called GM and they told me that I would not be able to get my truck until Nov 13. A very nice lady informed me that the truck was pushed back 6 times due to the dual battery option. I told my dealer to crapcan the option and get me the truck by Oct 31. BTW there is 0.0% financing on all HDs for 36 months, but it ends Oct 31. Good Luck.
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    My dealer states that my production date is 10/1. I receive a call back from GM Customer Diservice and was told that the truck was not scheduled - still waiting for parts. Yet, I received an Email from GM Internet Response Center and was told that it is scheduled 10/29/01. Same day - three different dates.

    The dealer told me that the delay (order in June) was due to the leather seats (Bench), but I also ordered the dual battery option. If I knew what was delaying the truck, I would cancel that option.

    While I amazed that anything gets done at GM, I really would like to know the truth. Does anyone know how I may find out the actual production date?

    Well, I'm off to the dealer to give a deadline and maybe I will stop and look at the Ford's SD.
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    for a 2002 2500HD LS, 6.0, CC, 4WD locker on September 5. The dealer just told me I had a build date of 10-15, with delivery probably about Halloween.

    What's the 800 number for GM customer service? Next time I talk to the dealer, I'll get the order number and compare GM's build date to my dealer's.
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    The number is 800 222-1020. Ask them to open a case and check with VOS department for a production date. Keep in mind, I'm not sure who to believe.

    Good luck with delivery.
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    I just reread your earlier post closer. The dual battery is probably your hold up. There's a great exchange about the battery and its original wiring problems on the camper forum in in the pickups page here on Edmunds.

    On, the TP2 aux battery option is on hold at the assembly line until 10-15-2001 (the 2001 has to be a typo - They've got 2001 instead of 2002 all over the page). When the problem was first raised, the hold was indefinite, later it was 10-1. As long as it doesn't slip any further, your truck should get built real soon.

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    The good news is that everyone is getting on the same page. Cust svc and the GM Internet Svc apologized and has the same date - NONE. Looks like I have to go to plan B - buy a Ford 250SD, but hopefully the dealer will find a HD or put the pressure on the production date.

    Side Notes:

    You would think with the slow down of auto sales that Chevy would bend over backwards to deliver the "sold" vehicles.
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    Review post #798 at "Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra w 8100/Allison" page and you can understand why I believe no one we talk to at GM or the dealer has a real clue. Probably the only one who does is the person at the tail end scanning the numbers, but getting inside the big giant's head isn't possible.
    Threatening to walk may well improve info but you've got to be willing to. Otherwise its just wait patiently.
    I realize this is cynical. Anyone who's been a cog in a large corporation , however, relates.

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    I just picked my gmc 2500hd duramax 4x4 SLT off the lot and the door jam said it was built 8/01.

    I had heard that they were having problems getting the Allision transmissions for these trucks because of production backlogs. Don't know how true this is.
    Do we have people on this board that work for GM or suppliers of the engine or trany?

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    I ordered it on September 5. On October 5, GM said it would be built the week of the 8th, check back on the 15th. On the 16th, the dealer told me they had just finished washing it. They probably wondered why I wasn't more excited. All I could think about was the lead time I had expected to order accessories and sell my current truck!

    2500 HD CC LS 6.0/4.10 4WD with locker. I'll catch it sooner or later, but it's carmine. It's OK, though. I'm over 40, so I'm in the demographics for maroon.

    I had a grey truck, I had a green truck, I HATE white, and the neighbor has blue. The speed trap red (I mean victory red) was just too RED. I would have bought sunset orange if they had kept that gorgeous copper color. Unfortunately, the sun goes past sunrise or sunset and then it's just orange. Kind of a burnt orange.

    Anyway, the rail covers and folding tonneau and Westin CPS nerfs are all on order. Once they're on, I'll post some pictures.

  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    Mike congrats on the new truck

    I see everyone knows about the age requirements to have a carmine truck haha
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    I placed my order for an HD on 10/30/01. Dealer called on 10/31/01 and told me the order had been picked up with a TPW of 11/19/01. I went to the dealer on 11/20/01 and the truck had been built as it was said to be on 11/19/01. The dealer even showed it to me in the computer. Today, I wanted to just make sure the truck was built, I called Chev and the said it has been built and is in inspection. Does any one have an idea how long a truck goes takes to go through inspection? Also, how long do you guys think it will take to get to Oregon? Not sure what plant it was built at. Any answers will be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Kyle, my truck factory order (2002HD Crew Cab) was sent in around the 17th of Nov. Dealer said, due to what I specificly ordered/accessories/holidays,etc., I could expect it mid to latter part of Jan. to be delivered. I just hope it gets here (So. Oregon) by the 25th of Jan. That is my retirement date. But if it doesn't "what the hey", I started researching for this truck, or a truck of this style/model/make, back a year and a half ago. I will be pulling a 25' 5th Wheel, so when I go hunting (and a lot at that) in Eastern Oregon, I will have a TRUCK to tow it there. What part of Oregon you from? I probably fought forest fires, near there for the Forest Service. Tom
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    yesterday and said the truck had been unloaded from the train and I should have it on Monday or Tuesday. truck is only about 2 hours away, wish I could just go and get it.

    tenga- I am in Eugene, truck is sitting in Portland!!
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    I just ordered a 2002 gmc duramax and the dealer gave me an order number. What is the web site I use to find out a build date? And any other info would be appreciated.
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    I think you guys just have to relize that GM is working its truck plants overtime to keep up with demand for these trucks, you have to wait a while to get a truck just like you want
  • kanton1kanton1 Member Posts: 41
    right now!!

    Order placed 10/30/01, TPW of 11/19/01. Truck built 11/19/01. Unloaded from train 11/30/01. Arrived at dealer yesterday 12/4/01. Taking delivery today 12/5/01.

    Total time: 37 days (5 weeks, 2 days)

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    What is the web site I use to find out a build date?

    No website gotta call gm customer service or talk with dealer

    Kyle i have you beat my 1500 was built and received in 28 days
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