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Tacoma X-Cab 4WD V6 vs. Sierra X-Cab 4WD Z71?

pnelsonpnelson Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Toyota
What is your opinion regarding the "value" for
your dollar of these two trucks? I'm very serious
about buying something soon but am having a hard
time evaluating my options.... I'm interested in a
4WD X-Cab truck with plenty of power. I like
comfort but don't expect a cadillac feel. I expect
to use 75% in town/to work and about 25%
hunting/camping/offroad. Any thoughts or
suggestions? Oh yeah, I don't really like Dodge or
Ford products... no good reasons, I'm sure they
make some good trucks as well... I just don't like
the way they look.



  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Why are you comparing a full size to a mini truck? How can you compare these two?
  • mikeb6mikeb6 Posts: 8
    I love the Toyota Tacomas but there is no comparison between the Toyotas and the Chevy/GMC Z71. The Z71 has a ton of power and rides like a cadillac. As far as ride, power, performance, towing, etc, the Z71 has it all over the Toyota. I think you need to compare like trucks. If a smaller pickup is what you are after, then I think Toyota is your best choice.

  • stanfordstanford Posts: 606
    On the one hand, the Z71 will haul/tow more people and stuff. On the other hand, the Tacoma is cheaper, gets better mileage, and will go places offroad that the bigger GM can only dream about. They're both decent vehicles, so buy the one that fits your needs.
  • KatmanduKatmandu Posts: 24
    Truthfully, the Toyota isn't that much cheaper. A loaded Xcab 4x4 is 26K while a loaded Chevy (cheaper than GMC, why? I dunno...) is $27. If you want a real truck get the Chevy/GMC. If you actually care about fuel economy and what "pretty" colors it comes in...get the Toyota.
  • hindsitehindsite Posts: 590
    Why compare a compact pickup truck with a full size Sierra X-Cab 4WD Z71? Instead I would love to see a comparision between the new Tundra and the Sierra. Anyway I feel that both trucks are good in their respective class sizes. In regards to a previous post a fully loaded Tacoma can be purchase for under $24K.
  • spoogspoog Posts: 1,224
    Please. Get the Sierra if you tow heavy trailers
    and like eelectrical problems.

    Get the Tacoma if you like to hunt and fish, or offroad. The Sierra "offroad" package is
    a joke, consisting of cheap bilstein shocks and a sticker. Hell, gas tank guard and front axles
    guard is optional on the Sierra. The Tacoma offers a locking diff and a clutch start cancel
    switch for serious offroading. Its ground clearance is higher.

    As far as performance goes, the Tacoma will sMOKE
    the doors off of a Sierra. If you have an extra
    2 grand, throw in a factory installed TRD supercharger and you will be pulling 0-60 in the 6 second range in 4x4. Charger or not, the tacoma beats sierra in o-60.

    If you want more room, go for the sierra.

    Remember, the only decent stock 4x4's currently available in America under 30 grand are TOYOTAS and JEEPs. Ford, Chevy and Dodge are haulers,
    not offroaders. All tests prove this.

    The choice is yours.
  • avril_sunavril_sun Posts: 3
    Geez! what a comparaison!
    Toyota= OFF ROAD POWER!, acceleration on demand and good looks!
    Z-71= good looks, hauler power, good ride for passenger and driver!

    but its like comparing a supra and a viper!!!
    how about a ranger and a big Ram?
  • ffffffffffff Posts: 1
    The Tacoma rocks, we've been in dunes in both trucks. The Z71 gets stuck, while the toyota gets it out. And by the way, they get about the same gas milage if you have a v6 in the tacoma. My TRD is wonderful!The new Z71 is very carlike.....
  • pwoodspwoods Posts: 1
    How's about comparing the Tacoma to a ZR2, and/or the Z71 to a Tundra (already mentioned, I know). I don't know about the quality of vehicle, but I prefer the interior of the ZR2 better than the Tacoma.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Why do I find the story of pulling a Z71 out so hard to believe? This since the Tacoma has 220ft/lbs of torque? just enough to pull itself out I would say.
  • phatmikephatmike Posts: 21
    because the Toyota is a superior off road vehicle. The Z71 has advantages over the Toyota, but one of them is not off roading. I guess you wouldn't believe I pulled a V8 Dakota(4x4) out of
    it's mess this weekend either.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Nope. Because you would't believe I pulled a Toyota out of its mess this weekend either. The locker is good bud, but not that good. The guys failed when he needed it most. Also, the locker is good for straight away grab only.
  • phatmikephatmike Posts: 21
    did you think I was doing, pulling him around a corner? And yeah I would believe that you pulled a Toyota from it's mess because I'm not as short sighted as you seem to be.Eventually, everybody makes a mistake and will get stuck (If you do serious wheelin) So maybe it's all about the driver and not so much the truck. Anyway, these discussions are pointless because hey, these trucks are our 'babies' we all have faith in what our trucks can do. I believe that my truck can perform as well or better off road than your ranger. And you should feel that yours can out perform mine. That's all part of the reason why we chose our respected trucks right? The Tacoma appeals to me and the ranger is your thing and someone else likes the dodge.....who cares?I'm out there wheelin to have fun ,where it's me and my Tacoma leading a trail, a ranger leading or Christ a Suzuki Samurai, it doesn't matter you know? Happy wheelin to all!
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Well said.
  • 99trd99trd Posts: 1
    Very well said, response#13 although

    Tacoma TRD Rocks!!!!!!
  • mfreemanmfreeman Posts: 37
    Does TRD stand for something? I know that Z71 is the option number is TRD the same thing?

    Just curious what it means,
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Its a nice sticker for Toyota Racing Development. The truck comes with a locker rearend which most buyers don't even know how or when to use it, along with a clutch start cancel, that once agian most buyers don't know how or when to use it. I read in an offroad mag that most buyers buy this truck just to have the TRD sticker on the side! and don't even take it offroad in areas that a locker would be used on top of that! Its a sales gimmick for the Alpha male group.
  • Who the heck would buy this truck for the TRD sticker? My brother pointed out that it looks like TURD. No everytime I see one I think of TURD. I can't see puting any kind of sticker on a beautiful paint job. They eventually peel or crack. I just read that 80% of 4x4 owners never engage the front axle. I guess thats why they have the prerunner, raised truck without the 4x4(great Idea!) Most off road races are won with 4x2s.

    In regards to the person that doesn't think a Tacoma with a V6 can't pull. I had the T100extra cab with the same motor and it pulled my 16' boat very easily. I would think the tacoma would kick butt with that 220lbs torque motor. Power to weight ratio is great!!! As far as the Silverado, I passed one the other day going up hill(70mph) pulling my boat with my Tundra. That is what we need to compare to the Chevy. Leave the Tacoma alone. It will eat up any S10 or Ranger.
  • marksiemarksie Posts: 14
    I was looking over the maintenance guide for the
    Tacoma and found every 15,000 miles you have to
    "Lubricate the propeller shaft and re-torque bolts"
    Then it says to: "Re-torque drive shaft flange
    bolts" What's the difference between the propeller
    shaft and the drive shaft? What do you torque the
    bolts to? Where are the bolts on the propeller
    shaft to torque? Where are the flange boltslocated? Thanks for any help.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Dan, you are greatly mistaken, the Tacoma V6 has 190HP/220ft/lbs of torque. The Ranger has 160hp and 225ft/lbs of torque. Torque is where it counts. Trucks are not race cars in my book. Besides the Ranger can tow more than a Tacoma when properly equipped. And if you look at the 0=60 times of the 3.4 vs the 4.0 it is only about.5 to second difference from 0-60.
    Enjoy the TRD sticker!
  • You can't even feel the extra 5 ft/lbs of torque the Ranger has, so that's not even an advantage. Combine the Tacoma's 30 extra hp and its torque, it becomes obvious that it has the better powerplant.

    Vince8 you are a trip! How could you even argue 5 ft/lbs of torque! Up to this point Rangers are the inferior truck. I have been pretty busy since early spring and I have been mostly, monitoring the topics. From what I can tell you are the only person who touts the Ranger's imaginary strong points.

    Well, to each his own but, Ford just doesn't have "proven reliability" that's just fact get use to it. It's not your problem if everyone's thinking is that Fords are nondependable, its Fords problem!

    I was going to buy a Ranger because of its better sticker price, but after driving it, the Ranger felt cheap and not a tightly built truck.IMHO

    Remember Ford sell cars and trucks. Toyota bulids cars and trucks!

    OK Vince flame me baby! Bring it on!
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Go visit the site right here at Edmunds and see what the 0-60 times are for yourself. I frankly don't use my truck to race but for some 0-60 is awfully important. Torque is a very important part to those who actually use a truck as a truck and not a Toy. Also, you better check your Torque to HP curve and compare it to the Rangers, its obvious you are not well informed. The Ranger is not as inferior as you may wish to think.
    As far as build quality/reliability. The Ranger is a reliable truck. This is why you see so many of them on the road along with older Rangers at that. This is also why it continues to sell so much better than the more costly Tacoma.
    The 4.0 is viewed as inferior because its not "high tech" overhead cam technology. In 2000 sometime Ford will play the HP/high tech game and install a 205HP/240ft/lbs of torque single overhead cam V6 in its Rangers.
    Both of my Rangers have proven to be every bit as reliable as any Tacoma. And I am hearing the head gasket problem has not gone away for Toyota.
    You know nothing about what Ranger has to offer. The only rear axle Toyota offers is the locker in its TRD model for up to 5K more than a Ranger XLT. Other wise if you don't have the TRD option on your Tacoma, you get an OPEN AXLE, if you know what that means. Toyota only offers 1 V6 engine, Ford 2. The 4.0 and 3.0. The 3.0 kills the 2.7 in the torque arena, end of that story.
    Sorry you paid so much for a perceived quality/reliability advantage, don't get pissed at me!
  • I'm not pissed...I feel sorry for you! Kinda makes me sad. :(

    I know more about the Ranger than you think! That's why I purchased the Tacoma.

    Knowledge is power. You just made a bad choice, we all make mistakes. Now you're stuck with a truck that you have to pay some one else to take. Toyotas are legendary in resale value. Around my parts Rangers are a dime a dozen. Heck I might buy a '97 Ranger to haul trash to the dump , which is where it'll probably end up after 60K anyway!

    You and I could go on 4 ever because I always try to help the less fortunate. You should get mad a Ford, not me, they continually build unreliable products. Sorry, Vince you got suckered into a low budget truck.

    Hey look at this way, you did convince me to buy a used Ranger to haul my trash and be my junk truck!

    Vince converts another one!!!
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    LOL!, Keep trying to justify the extra dollars spent, it will make you feel better I guess. In the mean time I'll take the extra cash and spend it on other things like a new fishing pole? boat? or maybe buy some stock in a potential startup company?
    As for resale arguement. A Tacoma owners generally pays anywhere from 3 - 5K MORE for their truck. So, tell me where resale comes in? Also, you may want to check Kelly Blue Book, and compare different models of Rangers/Tacoma's and years. The resale value on the Rangers is pretty good. You are greatly misinformed about the Ranger and its value/performance.
    And my first Ranger went to 96K with NO PROBLEMS, that is why I couldn't justify spending the extra 4K for a Tacoma optioned the same way.
    I'm not mad at anyone, just feeling a bit sorry for you because you have had the wool pulled over your eyes.
  • OK since we're comparing a compact to a full sized truck with two more cylenders, I got more suggestions.
    Ford Focus vs. Bentley
    Chevy S10 2.2 vs. Dodge Ram 3500 v10
  • meredithmeredith Posts: 575
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