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Engine stalling

sammy35sammy35 Member Posts: 10
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
Hi Everyone,
not sure how this system works. I own a 1986 Chevy Celebrity V6 2.8L,gray automatic.
with 104,000 original miles.
Have been having several problems each being slowly remedied, first time asking for advice..
-relaced power streering resevior
-replaced high pressure hose to power steering
-relaced bilaterally brake hoses
-replaced valve gaskets
-oil & filter/lube

recently driving around and car tending to run rough on idle and wants to stall. while it is on idle I popped the hood and I can clearly hear a short spark-like click. Any reccommendations what to do before spending more money with a mechanic. Could it be a PVC or EGR.

Are there any free websites on general auto-mechanics I can review like online encyclopedia. . I know several years back I use to review one siter but can't find it anyone.
my email is edwardlo@usc.edu.


  • vidtechvidtech Member Posts: 212
    what i would do is to look at the engine at night.look for the spark noise.if it doesn't act up right away LIGHTLY spray some water on the spark plug wires and distributer cap.bet you will find the the source right away.a good tune up should solve the problem.also,check the coil for arcing.
  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Member Posts: 872
    Does it only do this when it gets warmed up or all the time? If it is only after the car warms up and when you come to a light, then stalls and re starts fine, it is probably the torque converter lock up solenoid. It has to be changed by a trans shop for an average cost of $250 from my experience and that of others on the board. GM front wheel drive cars of that era are well known for this phenomenon.

    The clicking could be a number of things from the valves ticking to noisy injectors opening and closing, or a simple PCV vale..

    If this is an all the time thing I would start with a full tune up plugs, wires, filters. I believe your car has a coil pack(s), and ignition module, if you take those down to the local parts store they can test them to make sure they are still in spec to rule them out as possible causes.

    With over 100k on the ticker I would be looking at the wires and plugs for sure, especially if you suspect they are original. When replacing them only use AC DELCO wires, the aftermarket ones will drive you crazy in the long run with constant failure.
  • sammy35sammy35 Member Posts: 10
    Thank you for your responses, particularly vidtech.
    I did the night viewing and witnessed sparks coming from an electrical unit that sits 6 o'clock from the distributor cap, and about 4 oclock from the v6 engline manafold cover. it has two connectors black , one on the far right has two white wires if I recall and the other has has a black and white wire. Now I am afaid to drive with fear it might cause a bigger electrical problem on the road. I don't know what this unit is.

    where exactly is this torque convertor solenoid anyways???
  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Member Posts: 872
    It sounds like the ignition coil. If it has one "spark plug wire" coming from it to the dist. cap that is what it is. If the sparks are coming from the unit itself you will need a new one, if it is just arching from the wires, replace them. I personally would do a full tune up along with this repair. Faulty ignition parts can be to blame for coil failure, so plugs wires cap and rotor could all be contributing factors.

    The torque conv solenoid is under the trans pan attached to the valve body. A messy job to do and potential for screwing something up is high if you don't know what you are doing.
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