Turbo Coupe ASB system

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I purchased an 87 T-bird Turbo Coupe and was told by the seller that the master cylinder was shot that is why the BAS and brake warning lights were on on the dash. I went online and purchased a used unit (sensors and all) for $80(it came with fluid in it so I assumed that the seals had not dried out). I took it to a repair shop and had them switch the units. The replacement unit cleared up the dash warning lights but the mechanic told me that fluid goes to the front but he could not get fluid to the back. I was also told that a replacement part was $2200 buck. That's crazy. That is more than the car is worth. I was told that Ford only offers the cylinder as a whole unit so I would have to purchase many unnecessary parts. Any suggestions on how I can fix this. I thought about buying another junk T-bird with good brakes and swapping. Can I get the current master cylinder replaced. What can go wrong other than seals deteriorating?
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