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I have a 1994 ES 300, which just hit 75K. All service has been done @ Lexus dealers (I had an extended warranty till 70k). The car ran fine and I had the dealer do a thorough check up just before 70k. Most of my driving has been city and I live in southern California. Now at 75K,with the fuel mpg going down the last few weeks, the delaer is saying: the fan belt is cracking, the fuel damper needs replacing, the CV boots are tearing, the transmission pan gasket and valve cover gasket are seeping, and it needs a transmission flush (though it had one at 60k). This is over $2000 worth of work on a car that was fine 4 months and 5K miles ago. Have other owners experienced this with aging Lexi or is my dealer pulling something on me?


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    The engine is the same as V6 Camry.
    Most need some work around 60k, oil leaks typically are caused by not changing oil every 3 months, 3-4k miles, FWD cars always have trouble with CV boots. Most belts are done every 60k.
    The dealers typically do a simple pan drain [25%] not a full ATF flush/exchange; good idea to do a full flush every other year or 30k as the tranny cost $3500 to replace vs a $150 flush every 2 years.
    Remember you are dealing with the very bottom of the Lexus line.....thank your stars you did buy an earlier ES250!
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    If you think about it a 94 model was made in 93 so the car is 7-8 year old. 10k per year is low annual mileage indicating much stop and go city mileage or much sitting in your garage.
    Somehow I doubt you have had 4 annual x7/8 years =28/32 oil changes.... now I know Lexus recommends a longer interval but that assumes more annual mileage and full 15 mile warm up trips.
    When they reseal the valve covers much can be determined by visually inspecting the cams and supports for sludge!
    Watch out for coolant system leaks and power steering pump/hose problems caused by not changing the fluids.
    If owners would change all the other fluids annually many problems would be deferred out to 150,000 miles.
    We are largest independent repair facility in US specializing in Lexus and Infiniti work on nothing else!
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    q45 man: I have just bought a Lexus ES 250 with 170K miles and regretting it. it is a 5-speed manual shift. Whenever I change a gear I hear a "clunk" sound from the front of the car. I took it to a Toyota mechanic and he said that Lower control arms, strut road bearings and control arm bushings, and lower ball joints need replacing. He wants $1173 for the whole job plus tax. Do you think it is worth carrying out this repair? Also, the V-6 engine is a bit noisy. Any suggestions?

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    With this kind of mileage on a FWD dressed up Camary you are asking for it.
    Motor mounts, tranny, ac, power steering besides all the shocks plus the things he identified!
    You have acquired a serious money pit without any redeeming value.....Sorry for being so blunt.
    Be glad it's a 5 speed.
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