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OK-- What about another odd crossover that will probably never be released in the U.S.-- the Kia Carens.

The reviews on it indicate that it's more competent than many of the Kias sold in the U.S. Is it too dimbulb for America? It's the kind of vehicle I might be interested in, but then again I'm strange.

Anyone out there in other markets with an experience with the Carens?


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    It looks pretty interesting. Btw, here a more direct link to a pic of the Kia Carens for those that want to take a quick look. Talk later. ;-)

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    of my 1986 Colt Vista. I think there needs to be more of this kind of vehicle and fewer full size minivans and suvs.
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    I was surfing the web and ran across a pic of the Hyundai Matrix (not to be confused with Toyota's Matrix)- it looks much better than the Lavita.
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    Lavita is much more modern. The interior looks sweet.

    I've seen a Carens CF in Korea, and they used this really famous actor.. but why the heck am I saying this? Hmmm.

    Bring over the Lativa, I say..
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    but I think the Sedona van is a great start for Kia in that market. If Kia wants to have a cheap car for sale in the US why not start reimporting the Pride, it's the old Ford Festiva, they still make it in 3-door and 5-door versions, the Mazda 1.3L engines are still being made, they could make a nice hot hatch with the 2.0L engine from the Protege...hmm...maybe add 4WD, make it like a miniature 323 GTX...hmm...well, I can dream, can't I?
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    Toyota copped the Matrix name in the U.S.
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    I don't know.. wasn't the Lavita released later than the Matrix?
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    is the newer of the two. Regardless, Hyundai still beat Toyota to the name game.
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    The Lavita name is used in Korea.
    The FC name is used in Europe.
    Where is the FC for Lavita used?
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