Will 9/11 affect truck sales?

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Are the events of 9/11 going to have an affect either way on truck sales? Will domestics gain on imports?

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Tonight's topic is American Cars: Will the events of 9/11 have an affect on your decision to buy?


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  • bobsquatchbobsquatch Member Posts: 136
    Now more than ever, buy American!!! I was negotiating for a new F350 before 9/11 and was working for $500 over invoice, right after the 9/11 tradgedy, they jumped at the chance to order my truck at $500 over. I am also thinking of buying a new economy car for my long commute. I figure now is the time with the low interest rates. Probably will buy a metro. I wish American manufacturers made a diesel compact like the VW TDI's.
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    People still buying Imports byt the hoard. Although I have seen more pickups than ever with new tags.
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