HELP!! Need to know how to replace Belt on Cavalier 98 2.2 Engine.

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HELP!! Need to know how to replace Belt on Cavalier 98 2.2 Engine.


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    I see the belt tension housing but the bolt is hard to get too. Are there any suggestions on how to get this belt on and off. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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    I used a breaker bar with an eighteen millimeter socket on it. Don't grabe it with the bar too far down, because after you take the belt back, you won't be able to get the bar and you may not want that bar to return too far back.
    I am assuming that it is the tensioneer pulley you are talking about.

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    I haven't changed the belt yet so I'm not too sure but, I'll quote from Chilton's.

    "On the 2.2 engine, use a 15mm drive tool or a special belt removal tool to rotate the tensioner pulley bolt CLOCKWISE".

    I don't know how difficult it is to get a tool down there though.
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    Ill try both methods and give you the results. Thank you!!!
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    I was interested in learning more about when a good time is to get my car serviced. I was just in the Service Department getting an oil change with appx 44K miles on my 2000 Cavalier LS. The service rep suggested that I have the following work performed soon:
    - a complete transmission fluid flush of the system
    - fuel injection service
    - replace fuel filter any suggestions if there is a good time versus a general advice that around 45-50k miles these services should be completed?
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    Even with a simple transmission fluid change, it should be done every 100K-150K miles. A flush is a lot better than just a regular change. Unless you have done a lot of towing with your vehicle or are experiencing problems with the tranny, I see no need for it. In my opinion, a tranny flush is a new toy on the market that service shops are trying to promote to their customers.

    Maybe replace the fuel filter but injectors should be good for 44K.

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