2000 silverado 2500

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i have a 2000 2500 4x4. I am about to put on a ranch hand front end replacement. I am wondering if anyone has cranked their torsion bars at all. I know that it will affect the ride somewhat. I am only thinking of 4 to 5 turns max. i would also like to put on 285's instead of the 265's i have now.
FYI, i have read numerous reports of problems people are having with their 6.0 engine. I have 21000mi on my truck.....no ticking at all. I do have knocking when i use the cheap gas. Change in gas and no problems.


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    I turned my bars up 4-5 turns and got just over an inch or height. I took it in afterwards and had it aligned, it was in spec - barely. The toe-in was a little off, but I doubt the torsion bar had any effect on that.

    Mike L
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    thanks for the info. What size tires are you running? Will a 285 fit on that truck?
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    may be a little too wide for the stock 6.5" rims...

    although it has been done with some sidewall buldge I would guess?

    255/85/16's are taller and a little skinnier

    - Tim
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    I agree with Tim.

    285's are too wide for the stock rims. If you are changing to a wider rim you may be OK. A 285/75-16 is rated for a 7.5"-9" rim.

    A 255/85-16 is the same height, but rated for a 6.5" rim. Using the stock wheel offset and the 255 tire will eliminate tire rubbing.

    Mike L
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    Does anyone else have a bad high frequency vibration at 75 mph?
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    Mine is smoother at 75-80 than it is at 55-60. I do have a high pitched sound at that speed, but it comes from my passenger seat.

    Mike L
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    Sorry, but I was laughing my [non-permissible content removed] off at your last statement. Thanks for making my night.
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