Problems with 2000 Chevy pick-up

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My son has his 2000 Chevy Pick-up at a dearler right now for a constant pinging problem. It has taken 3 dealers to finally tell him what is wrong. And only then did the 3rd dealer find out by calling a GM Tech. GM has admitted they have a piston problem in this pick-up but offer no new pistons or a resolve to this existing problem till June of 2002. My son is being told to drive the truck as is and they will fix it next year. He only has 2000 miles left under his warrenty.


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    then do as i did and call the BBB 1-800-955-5100.
    they not only helped in getting GM to extend my warranty to 100K, but also put me in touch with rep from GM that was also able to authorize a repair concerning fuel sending unit that would have otherwise not been covered. i have a '00 that doesn't ping, but has a slight knock from time to time. i also have a '01 that does have a slight ping from time to time, and this one may be recieving the extended warranty as well. GM seems to care for their customers, but they do need a little help in doing so.
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    I too have a 2000 silverado.

    Do you mean he has the knock? That is what the supposed new pistons are being made for. Pinging is a different issue and not piston related.

    My truck has a knock (5 seconds) once in awhile on start up. So far i have 21K and the truck has been great.

    Few points
    1. Is this problem causing any performance related problems? I have yet to hear of this problem causing a real problem other than noise (what grade gas is he running?)
    2. He may go out of warranty but chevy will still have to cover it if something goes wrong because it is documented.

    My suggestion drive it. I know of about a dozen or so people personally with the 5.3 in 99-00 silverados with this knock annoyance and they have well over 50K miles and no problems
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    GM is aware of the engine knock but has not told all the Dealers cause the one that has my sons truck just found out today. The dealer that he bought his truck from called him a liar and said that his 5.3 was not on the list it is the 5.7. Well we know know that dealer in the Dearborn area of Michigan does not know what he's talking about.
    Nobody should have to wait almost a year to have their truck fixed. especially at 700.00 a month truck payment. It should not take almost a year to make replacement pistons, especially if this has been a problem since 99.
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    but what can we do but document all the BS until GM has a chance to make good of their promises. suits me fine if they want to take a year or so to come up with a cure. but after 60-70K miles, a piston refit isn't going to be the only problem that has to be fixed.......via a new engine if one keeps things documented. if an engine is knocking or detonating, then pistons are not the only problems that will need to be addressed.
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    Do you really want a dealership that didnt even know of the problem tearing into your sons engine to replace pistons?

    I say if performance isnt effected why do it?

    Only worse things can happen
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