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2002 Dodge 1500 crew cab

twinscrewtwinscrew Posts: 53
edited March 2014 in Dodge
I just visited my local dealer and test drove a new 2002 crew cab 1/2 ton. Very impressed. I discussed availability of the options that I wanted and was surprised to find out that they weren't building any manual transmission equipped trucks yet. I wanted the 4.7L with the 5 speed. I've run manual transmissions in my trucks for many years and had hundreds of thousands of miles with no trans troubles. Don't want to have to put up with auto trans repairs and maintenance. Wouldn't a rebuild of one of the newer truck auto's cost $2K+? I usually drive my trucks 200,000 miles with quite a bit of towing and rough use before replacing. Does anyone know when Dodge will build these trucks with the 5-speed? TIA.


  • tavgradtavgrad Posts: 201
    I believe right now ALL "domestic" manufacturers are cutting back on production due to the sway in economy. You need to call dodge themselves (800 4 a dodge) and ask. That dealer will say anything, because they don't know. I knew far more about the ram than the salesperson that sold it to me.
    Check out high volume dealers that has a LARGE selection of fleet with a fleet mgr.
    I see your point in wear and repairs, but the new auto is far better than the old. I don't even feel the "thud" when gears are changing. And I think the multi-speed auto has a gear designed for towing. I don't tow, so that wasn't an issue. Did you ask them about that?
  • I am interested in a 2002 Quad Cab SLT with the 4.7 V8 and Auto but the local dealers here in Northern California are not willing to let them go for less than MSRP. list the new Rams for ~$2000 less, I just don't like their lengthy search process. Can I get an idea of what everyone is paying? Thanks in advance.
  • Vin2ride, you can order one for $100 over invoice. The small town dealer that I talked to said the "big city" guys were trying to get close to MSRP on in stock units. Don't know what kind of deal the small town guys would make on an in stock unit. When he mentioned what the big city guys were doing, I immediately said that I wouldn't be interested at those prices. He did not have what I wanted in stock, so the price conversation ended there.

    I think that a little patience will save you quite a bit of money. With the other guys offering quite nice incentives, Dodge should follow soon. My Dakota will run a few more months until I can get the trans that I want at a more reasonable price.

    Tavgrad, review the third sentence in your post. Those were my thoughts EXACTLY when I asked the salesman about the durability of the auto trans in the crew cab 1/2 tons. Crew cab Dakota will have to fill in for a while longer. Just wish it was a little bigger.
  • tavgradtavgrad Posts: 201

    how far north cali are you? FORGET CArsdirect. Have you tried carmax? I bought mine from carmax at LAX. listed at $30K, $4000 off (not including the $500 discount). Sticker was $25,675 for 4x4 SLT auto with all the bells and whistles (except leather, side airbags and adjustable pedals). Just for the hell of it, because I so happy about saving a buck, I bought the extended warranty. Out of the door, $27K.

    screw, the Crew cab Dakota, to me, is the BEST compact pickup out there. But it is a tad too short.

    you have to do the research nowadays to know what you want to get into. Salespeople are there for one reason only: to sell.

    You should see where there are others.

  • Responding to "vin2ride" If you look hard enough, there should be a dealer that will deal below MSRP. One of my local dealers will deal at $500 above invoice on instock or ordered trucks. Not all of my local dealers will do this.
  • Now they are offering 7yr/100K mile powertrain warranties on all vehicles purchased by the end of the year. Sounds like good news for some of us that are a little wary of first-production-year models. Count me in.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    arent they using the same engine/trans as the older rams?

    So the powertrain wouldnt be first yr production then would it?
  • tavgradtavgrad Posts: 201
    Only the 5.9 is the carryover engine, and will be replaced late next year. I think the Multispeed 45RFE transmission is also new.

    When did this warranty start?!
  • The new powertrain warranty was announced today. The website has a "Home For The Holidays" announcement. Most Ram buyers are going to get the 4.7 w/45RFE transmission which, I believe, is from the Cherokee.

    It certainly seems like a big difference when compared to the 3yr/36K that was offered when I ordered my truck.
  • tavgradtavgrad Posts: 201
    Darn it. I bought it 9/18. Like I said, I also bought an 60/60K extended warranty.
  • I never buy extended warranties, however, I like the long warranty offer on the engine and transmission. Getting 100K miles is just not a given, these days, with most new trucks.
  • tavgradtavgrad Posts: 201
    I usually don't either, but I got $4K off MSRP.
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326
    The lease on my 99 Quad cab is almost up, and the dealer is trying to tempt me into getting the 2002 crew cab. I haven't been to the lot yet to look at the new truck, but was wondering: Is the only advantage going to be the four full doors?

    I was planning on keeping my old truck, but now I'm not sure.
  • There are going to be a lot more differences to tempt you. First of all, it's probably more accurate to call it a Quad cab also, even though there are three more inches of cab length to accomodate the 3/4 size rear doors. There are other significant modifications to the interior. The frame is a lot more rigid and there is a new independent front suspension which makes the handling more car-like.

    If you don't want to be very tempted, don't go try out the New Ram. It's really a significant improvement for most people both inside and out. Prices have also effectively decreased once you figure in the options that have been made standard and the new 7yr/100K powertrain warranty. It's a good time to buy a new truck.
  • It's a really bad time to sell a used one. My Y2K model 4 door Dakota 4X4 went from being worth $12,500 on trade in August to being worth $8,500 now. 0% interest and dealers desperate to make new sales put late model used vehicle values in the dumper. Almost had a deal done a few weeks back. When the Dodge dealer informed me that it would cost an extra $1,000 to get the 0%, I backed out. So it goes......
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326
    Hmmm...I'm perfecty happy with my current truck (except for sqeaky doors!) and won't take the bait for only three more inches. I admit I haven't really looked to compare specs on this, but was hoping that having four full doors meant lots more room in the back seat. It would also cut down on the problem of passengers screwing up the door-closing procedure.

    As for bells and whistles, I've got just about everything I need right now.

    I'll have to check to see what the value of my truck is to see if selling it would be worth it, or hanging on and getting a loan to pay off the balance.

    I know my salesman wants me to go drive that new truck, I just know it!
  • eric2001eric2001 Posts: 482
    Truck??? I read that the crew won't be available until 2003, and that this is just the quad with the door reversed (not suicidal design). Also that the crew cab will be substantially bigger. They are going to be released with the new engine line-up. Might be worth waiting an additional year?
  • tavgradtavgrad Posts: 201
    For those who wants a true crew cab, tree stump pulling power, and heavy duty features, yes it is worth the wait. I didn't, however, but I do not regret it at all.

    I saw the HD prototypes duallie with crew cab design. The interior is larger than the quad cab that is out now.

    ladyblue, the new quad has better seating than ALL in its class, plus the rear seating folds up and has a platform that folds into a flat floor. In addition to three inches, the headroom is more generous.
  • It's been eons since I've read a post from you in trucks. Welcome back...and glad your's has been good.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Well, my goodness, it's my old partner in crime, ladyblue :)

    I was wondering what your opinion of the new Ram Quad was, considering why you bought your current Quad. I'd think the Quad with 8-foot bed, would be a great upgrade, not to mention, you might find the new adjustable pedals a big help.

    As far as the three inches, it's three inches that were taken from the shortbed, but the cab is actually 4.5 inches longer, and translates to a 5-inch increase in rear seat legroom. And the longbed is a full 8 feet, something the F150 SuperCrew and GM 1500HD crew cab trucks don't offer.

    And while I haven't seen one yet, I hear the new Atlantic Blue is nicer than your Intense Blue.

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  • >I hear the new Atlantic Blue is nicer than your Intense Blue.<

  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326
    ..or I'd have to change my name!

    Hi quadrunner and KC. If you guys remember, I also put a lot of $$$ into aftermarket stuff into my truck - side steps, cap, bedliner, etc. - that I'd lose money on if I turn it in. Now, while I admit that my dealer is very generous, I don't think they'd drop the price enough to help me out there. On the other hand, an extra 5" is hard to turn down...

    You have got my curiosity going, though. I may just have to go see for myself. Independent back doors would be great. I also want to see what they've done about how the back seat folds. One thing I loved about my old F150 was the bottom of the back seat flipped forward, giving me a flat platform to load stuff on. The Dodge back seat flips up, and with the underseat storage tray, it gives no room at all to use the area for loading.

    Sorry if I called it a "crew" cab if it's really called a quad. As I said earlier, I haven't done my homework here. I've been ignoring the allure of a new truck.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    I've never seen before....a Dodge Ram Suburban! Or whatever one might call a fully enclosed 4 dr station wagon type full-sized Dodge Ram. It was red with a black fade paint job on it and had a name stensiled in the fade part on the tailgate. Same way I've seen it done on some Chevy's from Show Trucks USA.Pretty sure it didn't say that but couldn't get close enough to read what it did say. It was going down the street so I didn't get a chance to talk to anyone about it. Maybe it's the company that used to build Fords like that prior to the Excursion.
  • lariat1lariat1 Posts: 461
    Damn the new Atlantic blue looks better than the old Intense blue, thats almost incentive enough for a new truck I have an 01 quad in intense blue and it looks like a $1,000,000 bill. You just gotta love a blue Ram.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    on my 2004 Ram 3500. I think that looks sharp... especially now that they offer a navy blue interior instead of just the gray and tan.

    My dad wanted the Patriot/navy for his new Grand Caravan, but it wasn't in stock, so he took the Steel Blue/navy. That interior looks really nice too.

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  • jneffjneff Posts: 9
    Hello All I'm buying a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 4x2 extended cab silver color 4.7 engine I had a 1998 Ram which my wife totaled in a wreck. She was hit at 65mph by a car in the drivers side and came out without a scratch certanily dodge makes a good truck. I loved that truck. I will let you know how I like the 2002 take care and have a Merry Christmas
  • jneffjneff Posts: 9
    Just bought a new 2002 Ram Extended cab 4.7 engine
    silver and nicley loaded. If you are considering this truck I encourage you to buy it. I had a 1998 ram extended cab with a 318 before and this new one is light years ahead of it in every way. The truck is much smoother and dosen't shift as bad up hill. Brakes are 10 times better and the cabin is quiet. Handeles better as well. This is a wonderful truck and not to mention the back seat and seperate doors to access it. I have 300 miles on the truck. If you want better gas milage you need to do 3 things 1. run synthetic oil 2. Put in a K&N air filter 3. Put on a flat cover over bed you will increase around 3-4 mpg!!! I got 22mpg with my 1998 318 motor. Have fun shopping and I hope that this will help You!!
  • Jneff:

    I also just got one - a basic SLT Model. I wish I had the fold-down rack in back, but I really like it.

    Tell me a little more about the KLN. Did you get the intake or just the filter? Why does synthetic improve gas mileage?
  • jneffjneff Posts: 9
    I just got the air filter. As far as the oil goes that is probably the smallest factor in your gas milage. I just prefer the snythetic oil but if you are not going to keep your truck for a long time then synthetic is probably a waste of money. I know that the air filter the oil and flat bed cover combined, because I did it all at the same time gave me 4mpg better on gas with my 318 5.2 I was getting 22mpg I expect to get at least 23mpg out of my 4.7. I'm glad you like your truck and I hope you got a good deal I sure love mine. I did get the upgraded seats so I could have the fold down rack in back and front seat storage. Enjoy and let me know if I can help any more. Merry Christmas
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