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imageTop 10 Vehicles for Seniors for 2014

These 10 vehicles have features that are useful for older drivers coping with certain physical changes that can come with aging.

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  • cowgirlinsandcowgirlinsand Member Posts: 7
    What, no Kia Soul! Easy egress & ingress, leather heated seats & steering wheel, ventilated seats, power seats with lumbar support, power mirrors, auto HID headlights, soft padded dash and doors for clutzy seniors so they don't get so bruised, easy to park, back up camera, LARGE 8" infotainment screen, 350 watts Infinity sound system great for deaf ears, moonroof so the old folks can hopefully find their glasses, push button start, keyless entry-just have the key fob on body and the doors will open. Cooled glovebox, lots of interior lighting, and not to mention this car has SOUL! Fun & easy to drive. Only negative, not an econobox, expect only 23.5 for sub 5 mile city trips with hills. But if the old folks can venture on the freeway, 30+mpg. Quiet decent ride, better quality & reliability than Mini, Fiat...with a long warranty that will outlast many oldsters....
  • danny111danny111 Member Posts: 8
    You posted this in 2014, but I want to thank you for this valuable information. I am out looking to trade in my Tacoma and get something better on gas. I just think the Soul has so much character!
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    A reporter is working on a story about online driver's ed classes. If you've taken one of these online classes -- or if you considered it and decided not to take it -- then please shoot a message to [email protected] by no later than Thursday, November 3, 2016.
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