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imageGrand National, GNX and T-Type Are Returning to Buick

Buick is bringing back the Grand National, the GNX and the T-Type, and the three hot rods will be built on GM's rear-wheel-drive Alpha platform introduced in the Cadillac ATS sedan.

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  • nathancap24nathancap24 Member Posts: 1
    Kids, Dads buying a Buick... ...GNX that is!
  • cadavis504cadavis504 Member Posts: 1
    This is awesome news, I've always liked the Grand National and the GNX. If they look like the prototype I'd drive it, especially if they do offer the 6 speed Manual and a LT-1 on the GNX model.
  • edmonds27edmonds27 Member Posts: 1
    Man, I hope the picture that they have of the car is not going to be it. I feel like they could do a better job.
  • hoosiermamahoosiermama Member Posts: 1
    About time!!! As an owner of 4 - 1987 GN's, it is time to see Buick back in the performance car line.
    Hope they are as well built and dependable at the old
  • diehard2diehard2 Member Posts: 2
    I always loved the Buick Grand National from day one. I was never in a position where I could consider owning one. Well I'm in that position now and I can only hope I live long enough to have an opportunity to buy one. (4 doors are okay with me.) And I'll take it in black please.
  • melbo80melbo80 Member Posts: 1
    bring them on,I have had 3, gns
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