Ford Excursion: Accessories & Modifications

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So far for my 2000 v-10:
Tinted darker all around: $120
Kelly AWR 285-75-16: $548 installed out-the-door (they ride very nice)
PIAA hi-intensity bulbs
Bilsteins shocks all around
Hellwig rear anti-sway ($148 w/o labor)
K&N air filter
running Mobil 1 oil.


  • 390gt390gt Member Posts: 17
    2000 V-10 4WD 32k miles:
    Edelbrock shocks at 7k
    Pro-comp steering stabilzer 6k, replaced at 10k
    BFG AT KO 265's 17k($750 at Sears)
    Timbren load boosters on front
    K&N air filter
    Last 2 oils changes Mobil 1
    Fog lights behind grill
    Larger Bosch wipers front and rear
    Higher intensity headlight bulbs
  • nansennansen Member Posts: 2
    What bulbs did you put it in? I put in a set from JC Whitney, I beleive they were 95/100W. After some time I noticed that the headlights were runnig real dim at times. Checked the bulb connectors and found that the center pin on the plastic connector was melted back on bothe of them.
  • automan227automan227 Member Posts: 118
    We lover our 02' Excursion Limited PSD 4X4 however it is a little difficult for our youngest child to get in and out of the truck. Is there any type of Air Suspension out there that will lower the truck for entry/exit and then raise it back to its regular ride height? What I am looking for is something like what the Lexus LX470 has on it.

    Any ideas?


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    Hello all!

    I highly recommend the Sylvania Silverstar bulbs (9007 size for the Excursion) if you want an excellent bulb that is both brighter and whiter than stock. At the same time I would suggest getting rid of the crappy stock wiring harness and going with one from (you can get the bulbs there too). You would be surprised what a difference going with the stock bulbs but upgrading the wiring harness can make.

    While you are there check out have the harness setup so that when you engage the high beams, both the high and low beam filaments go on at the same time. What a huge improvement in the lighting of my truck for under $100. If you go with higher wattage bulbs, the stock wiring harness is a real drain (pun intended). There is a pretty big voltage drop across the wire indicating a lot of resistance so your stock bulbs don't even their full voltage let alone your newer higher wattage bulbs. Another handy little device is a set of auxiliary lights that bolt on to the rear hitch that add a lot of light when you are backing up but don?t interfere with your hitch.

    Some other mods worth considering are getting rid of the stock crappy shocks. I have a diesel "X" (Excursion) and the stock shocks are miserable. Even new they were pathetic. If you want to be amazed, go look at the clearance between your axle and springs and the bump stops (little rubber bumpers above the springs). The bump stops are the last line of defense for your stock suspension to prevent severe damage if you hit a big bump. It helps control the suspension when it "bottoms out" so you don't feel it slam really hard.

    If your truck is like mine, there is less than an inch (closer to half) of suspension travel!!!! Most cars and trucks have 3-4? of suspension travel. Brand new, my truck had less than an inch. What this means to those of you who don?t understand suspension systems is the truck rides like crap compared to what it should do. There is no suspension available to absorb the bumps. I think Ford put a very soft spring to make it feel better on some freeways but its WAY too soft and causes problems. Ever wonder why your Excursion wallows like an elephant in the river when you go around turns? Three reasons: crappy shocks, no rear sway bar and too soft of springs.

    After replacing my shock I couldn?t believe the difference it made. Much ?crisper? handling AND better ride both. I drove an X with a rear sway bar and I gotta have that. There is no mistaking that it is still a truck but what a difference. It?s a lot closer to a sports car than it is a truck after these mods.

    For those of you looking at improved power AND mileage for your diesel, run, don?t walk, and buy a SCMT programmer for your rig. SCMT is Super Chips Micro Tuner that reprograms your ECU (engine?s computer) for more performance and better mileage. It makes the truck run like it should have from the factory and it also improves the transmissions shifts (both quality and smoothness) and reduces the temperatures too.

    Now for the really bad stuff about the truck (but easily fixed). Ford in their crappy design of the diesel?s fuel system cut a lot of corners. It makes the engine much louder than it should be AND sacrifices both fuel economy and performance. The stock fuel injection system loves to suck air. This air is bad for the fuel injectors. There are many places this truck can suck air in the fuel system. Rather than bore you all with a lot of technical descriptions, go to (if you have a diesel) and browse through the forums for the ?7.3L Power Stroke Engine and Drivetrain? and look for fuel mods or the h/x mod or the pre-pump mod or the tank mod.

    Believe me, after you do some of the things, you will be amazed at the difference in your truck. My 4WD diesel X will routinely get close 20 mpg on the highway with the AC on at 70 mph and a pretty full load in the truck. When I started out, I was only getting 16 mpg under the same conditions. Check out some of the mods before the damage is done to your truck. If you have a diesel, I highly recommend getting a set of gauges (boost, EGT, tranny temp) as well as a turbo time or turbo nanny. This will add years of life to your engine.

    Hope this helps some of you. I love my truck but I am aware of its shortcomings too.
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    I have an 01 X w/7.3 with 45000 mi. I have had so many repairs (turbo, intercooler, A/C, alternator, front lock-out hubs, window motors, radio/cd player, headlight switch, etc., etc.) that I can't even remember what all has been done. The weird part is that I still love the truck. I am extremely particular with my vehicles and never abuse them, so the repairs are not a result of that. It has used a qt of oil every 1100-1300 mi since it was new. Two friends of mine who also have Xs don't use any oil between oil changes. In one of their trucks the oil stays crystal clear for at least 4000 mi. In mine the oil is dirty in 500-1000 miles and we are both using Rotella. Ford says there isn't a problem until it starts using oil at the rate of 1 qt in 800 mi! Can someone report honestly what their oil consumption experience has been?

    Additionally,I was unhappy with the towing performance and fuel mileage. I pull a 5500lb (loaded weight) "V" nose, fully enclosed snowmobile trailer. I got 7-9 mpg while towing at 65-70 mph during the last two winters. I would get 13-15 mpg highway with just the truck. Not the kind of mileage I expected when I bought a diesel. I looked into the performance chips/programmers and decided to try the Super Chips Mod #1705. What a difference! The truck is way more responsive, extremely powerful and I picked up 3-4 mpg highway. I have yet to tow with it but hope that I can at least hit 11-12 mpg. My combination city/highway is 12.5-14.5 mpg.

    As far as the axle bumpers in the front, does anybody know why the Xs have such sort travel and the identical chassis in a P/U has 4"-6". I have asked Ford via email and gotten no response. Since no one will talk about this I have a theory. I think that Ford must have had a roll-over problem during development and solved the problem by limiting the front suspension travel. If the front-end can't dive excessively in a turning/avoidance maneuver then you decrease the chances of a roll-over.

    I would be very curious to hear some other figures on mileage, oil consumption, performance, problems, etc. The buddy who's oil stays so clean (02 X, 7.3) has let me program the 1705 into his truck for comparison. I was shocked to find out that the power increase was obscene in his truck. Not only that, but after de-programming his truck and driving it, I was disgusted to find out that his X ran as good in stock tune as mine does with the full high performance tuning from the 1705. We then installed a temporary boost gauge first in my truck then in his. Mine would boost no higher than 15-16 lbs in stock tune while his would boost 18-19 lbs in stock tune. I called International and they said that they like to see 19-20 lbs. That tells me that something is wrong with my truck but three dealers have said that nothing's wrong.

    Any suggestions!!
  • rscott6rscott6 Member Posts: 20
    390gt..Did you make your own mounting brackets for
    those fog lites..behind the grill?
  • 390gt390gt Member Posts: 17
    Since then I replaced the fogs behind the grill with Hella 550 driving lights. Yes I did fabricate a bracket. Moved the fog lights into bumper opening like factory lights. I also converted to U-code front springs and took out the Timbrens. profile=1brens.
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    Sorry for a dated reply. I have an 02 diesel. I get up to 16-18 mpg when not towing. With heavy city driving it will drop to 14-16 mpg. These numbers are with the Banks kit I've had for the last 18 months. And these numbers are manually calculated. I found the Ford display shows mileage that is 1-2 mpg higher than actual.

    When towing a travel trailer weighing about 9500# I will get between 8 and 12.5 mpg. The average is close to 10 mpg. This is at speeds up to 70-75 mph. When I slow down to 60-65 mph it is at the higher figure above. With the Banks kit I can pull in OD on all but the steepest grades.

    I have yet to figure out the wide variance but speed, winds, outside temperature, and road grade all playing a part. Our trips have been from NC to CO and WY. Last year we hit temp up to 109 degrees.

    When not towing I will not add a quart in 5,000 miles. I use Amzoil 15w-40 synthetic oil. When towing, I'll add a quart about every 2,500 miles. My oil does not get really black unless I am towing. I've had car diesels before and was very surprised at this. I was use to pitch black oil in 500 miles.
  • e350v10e350v10 Member Posts: 92
    Which Banks kit do you have? Was there a marked difference? I am putting a Six_gun bundle on a 6.0 - what can I expect?
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  • southernbugsouthernbug Member Posts: 1
    I own a 2000 Excursion and found out we had a governor on the car. Forgive my asking this, as I was totally unaware of governors being installed on privately owned vehicles and would like to know more about them and why they are mandated. We bought it used
    after our 1993 E-150 van was totalled. We love it and get about 600 miles to the tank.
    I would also like to increase that MPG and would love to know how you all did yours.
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    First of all this is my first post so let me say HI. I am now the proud owner of a 2005 Eddie Bauer Excursion. Since I live in the south I don’t really need a 4X4 and I have a jeep for that I got the 2wd V-10. I just got back from a nice road trip to the NE 5k and have some questions. I really love the vehicle and I did not get it to save on gas but what can I do to get better mileage out of the V-10. I have gone thru a ton of posts about the diesel but I have not found anything to assist someone in what to do about gasoline engines. I would appreciate any assistance I can get. From the posts I am in agreement about that shocks and will change them here shortly. I also think the rear sway bar is a good idea. I just need to get it here to the house and put it on. Tks. :)
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    I too am new here so let me say Howdy to all!!!

    I have a 2000 V10 "X" and have enjoyed it , it's a 2wd but i wanted the lifted look, not lifted it just looked like a staion wagon on steroids :) , so we put a 6" Fabtech lift kit, BFG A/T 35's, K and N intake system and a Gibson Cat Back exhaust, so far thats it, would like to upgrade the stereo and get some TV's for the kids, in time i guess.

    We have a 21' Ultra Jet boat and the "X" tows her like nothin', i'm getting 10 and sometimes 12 mpg if i keep out if the throttle. Had to replace the tranny while still in the warranty time, was towing from Laughlin Nevada back home to Fontana Ca. and the tranny just died, that was a long afternoon/evening, but the dealer took care of it no problem, Thanks to Citrus Ford in Ontario CA.

  • bretttrinabretttrina Member Posts: 1
    Where did you buy the Hellwig anti-sway bar for $148? Also how much did you pay for the Bilsteins and do you recommend them?

    Does anyone have any advise on the "wondering" the front end does on the Excursion?
  • detroitlionsdetroitlions Member Posts: 21
    just curious after installing chips did you also do any intake exhaust service as well? they say it saves on your turbo and gives more horse power.
  • detroitlionsdetroitlions Member Posts: 21
    with that super chips installation did you do an intake exhaust service as well to increase horsepower
  • 23fords23fords Member Posts: 2
    I too am curious about mods to the V10. Chips, exhaust, intake, etc. to improve mileage and power. I do not expect to get "high mileage" but 13 would be nice. Additionally, what can I do to improve the handling"? The front-end has a mind of its own. Any advice would be appreciated.
  • itruckitruck Member Posts: 2
    whats up, can anyone tell me if a 2" leveling kit as used in the superduty trucks will work to get the nose of my 2001 EX. with the 7.3 to sit level with the rear? i would like to run 295/75/16 tires. thank you
  • milsuperdocmilsuperdoc Member Posts: 29
    Hi I am the new owner of a 2000 X
    and I am very happy about everything except the mpg, I knew
    better than to expect great mileage but we have not gotten better than 8.7mpg no matter what we do... it has the vortex valve already, it came with it... what else can we do??
    Thanks for the help
  • zuma27zuma27 Member Posts: 3
    Sorry milsuperdoc, but someone's got to break it to you-
    You see, the Ford Excursion is one of the biggest suvs/ residential vehicles on the road- meaning it has one of the biggest appetites for gas on the road-that's not bad if you don't mind. My suggestion/question to you is- Is your Ford a two wheel or four wheel drive model? That sometimes can make or break your fuel economy. Of course if you need four wheel drive(unlike me who has lived in the
    Atlanta area), you'll be paying more at the pump. I guess it's your call.
  • guestguest Member Posts: 770
    Do you have any pictures of your Excursion? I have an 04 4x4 that I am currently shopping for a lift kit for. I have gotten a few quotes but I don't know if a 4" or a 6" is going to be best for me. Right now the one on deck is a 6" kit with 35's, just like you said you have. I would like to see what it is going to look like.
    Also, any trouble with Ford replacing your tranny with the lift on it? I've heard that can be a touchy subject at the dealer? Thanks
  • doug_offshoredoug_offshore Member Posts: 1
    I've recently bought a 5.4 2005 with 154miles on it. 1st registration. Loving the car but it does 'wander' long the highway! Have you managed to solve the problem??

  • tzimmermanntzimmermann Member Posts: 6
    I am new to forum. Have 2000 V10 with Bilsteins. Interested in adding fog lights to front. QA lot in the $70 range but not sure quality. Some OEM ones $270 range but one set of instructions talks about removing bumper. Any suggestions?

    Also, what are Timbren load boosters and does Helwig rear sway bar require major work or simply bolts into exits holes?

  • tzimmermanntzimmermann Member Posts: 6
    Could you provide more info on this fog light install such as model and how you did it. I want to add driving lights to 2000 in factory opening.

  • tzimmermanntzimmermann Member Posts: 6
    Where did you buy helwig rear sawy for $148?

  • bigdraws2k01bigdraws2k01 Member Posts: 3
    I just put a 4inch lift on mine with 35's and thats about the limit as far as dealerships and things of that nature.
  • bigdraws2k01bigdraws2k01 Member Posts: 3
    Now I know there are plenty of upgrades for the diesel engines, but for the v10's there out there you have to be willing to pay the price. I found and intalled a supercharger for the v10 and that was the best thing I could have ever done. Imagine a vehicle waying over 10000lbs burning rubber. Oh and my weight is increased due to the texas style bumpers on the front and rear. It also has a 4inch lift with 35's. Trust me if you have the cash you will be inpressed.
  • bigdraws2k01bigdraws2k01 Member Posts: 3
    Contact airride technologies out of indiana for that they should be able to help with that.
  • taterheadtaterhead Member Posts: 1
    were did you find your supercharger ?
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