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2014 Toyota Prius V Full Test Posts: 10,006
edited September 2014 in Toyota

image2014 Toyota Prius V Full Test

Strong fuel economy and an accommodating interior define the 2014 Toyota Prius V, but its significant weaknesses should also be considered.

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  • 500rwhp500rwhp Posts: 98
    Drove one of these as a rental car once. I was shocked at how bad a vehicle it is.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I test drove a V two weeks ago. Also drove a CR-V and Scion xB the same day. Coming from an old Outback and an old Quest, I didn't find any issues with "performance". Comfort was fine - the console was nice because there was nothing there for your knee to bump into if you do prefer a more upright "minivan" stance (unlike the big monster console in the xB). The deal killer for us was the small hatch opening and those gaps in the floor. The C-Max is a bit small for our cargo needs. Looking forward to the "refreshed" 2015 ones.
  • As I suspected. Thanks for this review. Def test driving the Jetta wagon TDI.
  • I'm all for decent Fuel Economy - but $37-grand (plus tax-nearly 40G's) for a only 134HP. Still seems over priced even without the $5,650.00 tech package. I thought hybrids were getting cheaper as battery technology has evolved in the last few years, I was wrong!
  • For that price you could easily purchase a Touring model Honda Accord Hybrid that is far more powerful, better fuel economy, and advanced technology.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    @financeman2, unfortunately the cargo capacity of the Accord Hybrid is miniscule and the rear seats don't fold down. Now, if Honda redid the original 6 seater Odyssey with the magic seats, I'd be all over it. But magic seats are likely incompatible with t
  • kittkatt23kittkatt23 Posts: 1
    i own the 2013 model. bough it 4m used. i love it. great car with great mpg's. i avg 46!!. when doing my reserch, i looked in to Jetta Sports tdi and love it, except for maintenence req. all the $$ i would save in gas, i would have to give to dealership every 40k ($1k service) the extanded warrenty on VW is super pricey too. coming off 08 Mazda 5, Prius V was a great buy. same room, way better mpg's. yeah, the car doesn't have the pick up and go speed, but that's fine with me. i care more about mpg then hp.

    the price tag of $30k for trim 3 is kind of steap, that's why i bought it used, <7K mi.
  • turbalejoturbalejo Posts: 3
    We have owned one for a little over a year. The car is a tad slow, but very room inside. a key for us was rear seat reclining for our 6 year old.
    My only gripe is road noise. Toyota could do a better job of reducing cabin noise on less than desirable roads. We have a Nissan Leaf and the road noise difference is dramatic. If Toyota can fix this for 2015, increase range and power output, the car would improve in all our observed weaknesses.
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