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2015 Chevrolet Colorado Goes Gunning for Toyota Tacoma Posts: 10,046
edited September 2014 in Chevrolet

image2015 Chevrolet Colorado Goes Gunning for Toyota Tacoma

The 2015 Chevrolet Colorado, which takes dead aim at the Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, debuts at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show.

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  • Anybody have any educated guesses what the diesel mpg might be?
  • "Weight is controlled by means of the Colorado's aluminum hood" Now that made for a good laugh! The hood makes what, about half a percent of the truck's weight. Anyway, truck seems to be fine, and the diesel option should be interesting in a smaller truck package. The only thing I really don't like is the high bed height.
  • rayzorrayzor Posts: 61
    Thank you Chevy for brave enough to reenter the midsize truck arena. I am very excited about this new redesign. Looks good outside especially the Z71 version. Not so much inside, sort of bland; at least it looks functional from that one pic shown...Still has potential. Diesel on its way, very cool! I am ready to trade my Taco in if it's priced right and reliable. Please tell me that it has a sunroof option! Miss not having one on my Taco.
  • This should be a sales winner, filling a huge hole in the mid-size market. A lot of utility companies and other businesses will be looking to replace their old Rangers with these, I predict. They don't always need full-size trucks. I look forwars to a comparison test with the Tacoma when you get a chance.
  • Good for Chevrolet, everybody's full size trucks are becoming so humungous there is a definite market opening for a true truck in a smaller size class. A friend with an older F150 has no idea how to replace it, as current trucks are just too large. I hope it proves to be a good, solid product.
  • Exterior looks good, damn good. Impressed they differentiated it substantially from the global version. Interior is a disappointment. They took the Silverado's "dash giving birth to center console" look and paired it with a really outdated looking shift knob.
    Locking differential adds a ton of capability at a small price and no penalty, more manufactures should offer it across the model range.
    As a tall man, I hope the Colorado matches the Silverado in headroom, which it has in spades.
    While the V6 sounds adequate, still wondering why no torquey 4.3 ecotec? Mileage, encroaching on the diesel, tooling costs?
    Glad the are offering the diesel, but I suspect people like the idea more than actually like paying the upfront cost, the pricier fuel, and dealing with keeping the additive topped off.
  • I like the look's of this truck a lot but that shifter look's like it came out of a mid 90's Blazer.
  • The Impala front end works well with this design. GM will need to up the 2.5 liter to at least ATS HP. In addition, GM really does need to incorporate their new 8 spd into this and the Silverado. Since the Ram 1500 with Chrysler's new diesel can manage 28 MPH, I suspect this smaller GM truck will shoot for at least 30.

    The Tacoma isn't what it use to be, so GM will probably outsell it.
  • A Colorado outselling a Tacoma? No way. It would be lucky to take a measureable chunk out of Tacoma's lead, but that's it. Not to be a naysayer, because I actually like this Colorado a lot, and need something in the mid-size realm to replace my aging Ranger. It looks good and fits my needs. Finally, the Colorado Crew Cab will be offered with a 6 foot bed. I hope I am wrong, and it does really well. Then maybe Ford will import the international Ranger. For the Holden Colorado, the 2.8 liter diesel is rated at 9.1L per 100 km (25.82 mpg (US) combined using the Australian cycle). This will be a second generation version of that engine, no doubt tuned for the US emissions, so who knows what the actual efficiency will be for America.
  • socal_ericsocal_eric SoCalPosts: 189
    Looks pretty nice although the interior appears a little bland (but from that one picture at least looks better for quality and materials than the international version of the truck). I can see it poaching a few sales from the Tacoma but more likely won't have too much of an impact on that truck's market share. Outside of commercial sales for the stripped, low-end models I'd bet the mid and upper trim level versions of the new Colorado take a bigger cut of market share from what used to be lower spec full size trucks. Those used to be a pretty good deal and why many mid-size truck like the Dakota were killed (e.g. that truck being about the same price as a lower end Ram 1500), but since most of the entry level full size trucks have added features and went up in price a lot the last few years it should leave a gap that something like the Colorado can fill.
  • "The return of the Colorado should be good news for buyers who prefer a midsize truck and prefer to buy American."

    This is a bit disingenuous, don't you think? The only things "American" about this new Colorado are the chintzy golden bowties, and the grubby hands of the UAW halfwits tasked with watching the robots screw the pieces together in Wentzvile.

    Stop contributing to the false narrative of "Buy American" when GM sources almost all of its products from overseas designs, and treats the U.S. as little more than a banana republic to build them.
  • I've been looking to replace my S-10 with something that can fit two carseats in the back and has at least a 6-ft bed. Decent Taco's (new or used) cost as much as Silverado's, and frankly the used price on anything with less than 100k isn't really low enough to justify not being able to get exactly what I want. But of course my dream Silverado is $43k truck that makes it really hard to swallow. So a new Colorado might fit the bill perfectly. I'm excited to see one in person.
  • jeffinohjeffinoh Posts: 156
    'Bout time. Hope there's a regular cab. Trying to add seats and doors is what killed the S-10. Remember how many they used to sell? Bring back a basic small truck.
  • I'd like to see the size compared to a Silverado or S-10. I hope it's around the size of the S-10, and not just a silverado an inch smaller.
  • This truck looks terrific. Great things about it are 1) light weight 2) big towing limits 3) two level bed 4) aerodynamic and 5) hopefully a low price compared to Silverado and don't forget 6) good gas mileage most likely based on lighter weight. I've been waiting for this and will likely get one if the mileage is good.
  • I like the looks and the bland dash does not worry me. It's still nicer looking inside than a Frontier. GM have said they will not be making a regular cab. I'll bet it weighs a bunch more than the S-10, too. I'm baffled that they put the 3.6 car motor in there and not the latest 4.3 V6 like they fit to the Silverado. Does this allow GM to fit a smaller, cheaper gearbox or is it a deliberate attempt to limit the truck in some way?
  • Very beautiful and sexy looking truck. I have been waiting for the redesigned Chevy Colorado for a while and the wait was well worth it. WOW! Good job Chevy. This truck is seriously NEEDED in the marketplace and I hope it sets FIRE to this segment and dominates it! I'm going to purchase one. So is my buddy who is fed up with his Taco. The Tacoma is WAY overpriced. My friend says that full-size pickup trucks get better fuel economy than his small Tacoma. And he was also pissed at his truck when I found the sticker on his Tacoma which says "Assembled in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico." And the diesel version of the Colorado is going to COMPLETELY slaughter the Tacoma in both power and fuel economy. Not to mention that the other two engines in the Colorado are FAR superior as well...

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  • the Chevy Colorado is just a US version of the Holden Colorado.
  • I've always bought Ford Rangers. In fact I bought 2 over the last 15 years. My brother bought 3 (and who also owned Nissan's pick ups). I was disappointed when Ford killed the Ranger. I have no need for a bigger truck nor a crossover, but am looking forward to actually looking (maybe buying) the new Colorado. It will be the first time that I've actually looking at buying a Chevy.
  • watkinstwatkinst Posts: 119
    About time!!! However the only reason for me to consider a midsized today is to match the mileage my Subaru gets and gain hauling and off road capability which case I'm very happy GM had the guts to get back in the midsized game but other than to go check out the cabin space I won't have any motivation to get one till the smaller diesels arrive. Perhaps by then Ford will have the Ranger with its diesel line up on US shores also? But not holding my breath with that one.

    Also part of my interest going back to a midsized pickup for fun trips etc would be a nice 6spd MT not for the sake of mileage but just for the enjoyment of going back to the basics. Something GM should not overlook with their midsized truck offering.
  • Looks really nice... but no manual tranny means Toyota still on top
  • If the diesel is within a few grand of the V6, I suspect Chevy is going to have an incredibly popular truck.
  • Very disappointing. I, for one, will not be buying another new vehicle from any manufacturer until they have 100% integration with our smartphones. Apple announced the new ios7 last June with full integration for in-dash car stereos. I suspect Google and Microsoft have similar software. The manufacturers continue to try to force us to (1) learn a new system and (2) pay thousands of dollars for something we already have in the palm of our hands. I would have hoped Chevrolet would have negotiated a fee sharing structure with Apple, Google and Microsoft and announced this new truck with full integration with our existing smartphones. Extremely disappointed. Note to car manufacturers = get a brain.
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