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Can somebody tell me the truth about when GMC is
going to produce the new body style Crew-Cab?

One dealer said in 18 months and one said he can
take my order in June and have my truck in

I need to have a new truck by September - my
choices are between a GMC and a Ford. My wife does
not like the Ford because it is to big. But I can't
wait forever on GMC

The V10 of the Ford is a nice choice - The GMC 6.0
does not feel that much stronger then my 96 5.7
Vortec. My hopes are that GMC will build the
Crew-Cab this fall with a stronger 6.0 (I dont want
their new 8.0L V10 - to much gas).

Does anybody have an answer (no dealers blowing
smoke up my butt either)



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    I too would like to know what is going on with the new GM crew cabs. I called around to the local GM dealers in my area last week to see if they had any news. As normally happens, a majority of the salesmen don't know anything other than "I've got a nice CC on the lot that I want to sell you". Most of them said it'll be January before they see any, except for one guy who claimed that he would have a truck on his lot in mid-May since they are the largest truck dealer in the area. Now interested, I asked him if it would have the new Isuzu diesel in it and he said that he didn't know if it would be Isuzu or Cat... So, he sounds like a well-informed GM rep doesn't he? Anyway, we'll see what comes of that claim.

    I love the new F350 and I'm about ready to order one, but I would like to have a little bit bigger selection to choose from.
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    I called my local dealer and asked him if he was sure the new body style (2500 crew cab)is coming this fall and he said yes - the scary part is that he might just be stalling to keep me form buying a Ford.

    This sucks - can anybody shed some light on this matter?
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    June begins production of the 2000 models, but as of now, they are still the older body. The dealer who told you 18 months was probably the most accurate.
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    If what you say is true, my choices are as follow:

    Old body style K2500 crew cab with a 5.7 or a 7.4

    New body style F250 Super Duty with a V10

    I'm a GMC man but if come June and my dealer tells me that it is the same body style for 2000 I will have to turn the page and buy a Ford.
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    And that is what Ford (and to an extent, Dodge) is counting on. There are benefits to both trucks, but Ford can point to "all-new", while GMC has to rely on "time-proven". Ford knows they can price-match the GMC with a much newer truck, so why buy old-tech for the same price?

    But as we have seen in other divisions, GM waits too long to catch up, and by then, the competition has already captured the market share. The new Silverado/Sierra is certainly a formidable truck in the lighter segment, but it's almost as if GM is conceding the heavy truck market to Ford and Dodge for another year. In your case, that leaves just Ford, since Dodge doesn't offer a crew cab.
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    My GMC dealer swears up and down that the 2000 crew cab will be the new body style.

    I will wait until the end of June and if GMC is still stroking me I will go down and order the Ford A.S.A.P.

    In the mean time keep me posted if you hear anything.

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    I just bought a 1/2 ton silverado. My best buddy bought a F350 CC SD with v10 and 4x4.

    They are both great trucks. I wouldn't hesitate to buy the ford with the v10 in crew cab.

    My buddy gets close to 14mpg on the highway at 70 to 75......
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    Is GM going to offer an Izzu engine in their 3500 trucks?
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    yes, Gm will have two options one is the v8 6.6L,

    the other is a straight six 7somethingL. Like you see in the cab over deliver trucks that used to be isuzu, but know have gmc on the grills.

    Both will be backed by allison trans. the straight six will put a race on with the cummins. Although i work for gm and i agree the trucks are becoming to car like
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    Well dudes heres the New Generation Big-Block:
    Vortec 8100 8.1 Liters
    490 cubic inch 450Lbs.Torque 4-bolt mains, roller rockers now under constuction at the Tonwanda NY. plant ready for the 2001 3/4 and 1 ton pickups and the Suburban!
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    Dave40, do you know if Chevy will produce crew cab 4wd short beds on the new platform in 2000 or must I wait until 2001?
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    I heard from dealer that the 8.0 will be in the 3500 HD's only.
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    Dave40, do you have an answer for question #11 or is it a confidential question you prefer not to answer. Chevy seems to do a great job of keeping the details of future products under wraps. I may have to ahead and reluctantly buy a Ford Super Duty to get the crew cab with all of the right parts.
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    Haven't heard about it yet!
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    Not quite Dave. What i heard, from a dealer, is that the engine lineup for the one-tons will be the 6.0, a v10, and the diesel, and then the ton-and-a-halfs, 3500HD would get the diesel or the 8.0.
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    The fact of the matter is :
    The Dealers are the last to know anything! sorry c dean
    no V-10
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    Excuse please, but since I got the same information you did, your source did not say that the 8.0L was NOT a V10.
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    Its a Vortec 8100 V-8
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    I heard that they're getting rid of the 6.0 engine. It's got a bad rap and only a few fools have bought it.
  • dave40dave40 Member Posts: 582
    Got new numbers on the 8.1 Liter V-8 340hp & 460lbs torque
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    I ordered a 2000 Sierra 1/2 ton extended cab on June 18, 1999. The dealer has no build date yet! Has anybody else had better luck or knows the order procedure?
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    Picked up my new 2000 Sierra 2500 4X4 on Tuesday July 13th . The Fleet Manager still can't believe how quickly I got it . He tells me that there were deposits put down back in November for the 2000 model...He also told me that the 2000 Sierra's should hit the showroom floor mid August.
  • kamikazekamikaze Member Posts: 2
    Picked up my new 2000 Sierra 2500 4X4 on Tuesday July 13th . The Fleet Manager still can't believe how quickly I got it . He tells me that there were deposits put down back in November for the 2000 model...He also told me that the 2000 Sierra's should hit the showroom floor mid August.
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    In Portland Oregon, I know of at least 2 dealers that have the 2000 Sierras in stock. I think they are al half tons.

    Does anyone know whether the 6.0 liter engine will be an option for the 2000 Sierras/Silverados?
    If I am reading carwizards.com correctly. there are an additional 15 horses for the 4.8 and 5.3 in 2000 but the 6.0 stays at 300hp. They don't list a 6.0 liter engine as an option for the half ton. Somebody please tell me I am wrong about the 6.0.
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    you can only get the 6.0 in a 3/4 ton truck.
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    I spec'ed out a 2000 1/2 ton 2wd sierra today and much to my surprise, the dealer informed me that I have to order bucket seats to get the PF4 aluminum wheels. Has anyone else had this problem?
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    September 1 1999 press release GM says:
    "With GM's award-winning Silverado and Sierra fully ramped up..."

    About halfway down the page at:

    Maybe those allocations will start rolling in!
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