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2015 Jaguar XS Will be Aluminum-Intensive

Edmunds.comEdmunds.com Posts: 10,130
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image2015 Jaguar XS Will be Aluminum-Intensive

Jaguar's upcoming BMW 3 Series killer, which may be called XS, will feature a weight-saving aluminum monocoque body structure, as will all future Jaguar and Land Rover models.

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  • lions208487lions208487 Posts: 240
    Well the last time Jag tried a "3 Series killer", it was the most unreliable in it's class. Good luck with the reboot!
  • wdrauchwdrauch Posts: 22
    lions208487, I don't believe lack of reliability was the main reason for the market failure of the X-type. I think it had more to do with not being able to fool the market with a gussied up Mondeo. That said, it's great to see an automaker trying to differentiate itself through offering unique technology. In this case, JLR is attempting to differentiate itself in the market through lightweight bodies. Kudos to them!
  • garrymgarrym Posts: 27
    Good for Jaguar to get back into this market segment. If the new XS of whatever it will be called will have the fit and finish of other models I've seen, it could do very well. Hopefully it will also have the performance and handling one expects in this type of sedan.
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