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imageToyota Recalls 803,000 Vehicles in the U.S., Including 2012-'13 Camry

Toyota is recalling approximately 803,000 vehicles in the U.S., including the 2012-'13 Toyota Camry, Camry Hybrid, Avalon, Avalon Hybrid and Venza due to a problem with the air-conditioning condensers.

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  • nissan_rocksnissan_rocks Member Posts: 7
    The new GM, while GM is trying to become the old Toyota. Toyota=JUNK
  • nukedetroitnukedetroit Member Posts: 108
    I agree that Toyota seems hellbent on becoming GM, but GM will never, ver attain the high regard that Toyota enjoyed in the 90s. Failure in essentially inbred into GM's corporate culture, and let's not forget the UAW knuckledraggers working in its plants.
  • dg0472dg0472 Member Posts: 89
    Condenser? Condensers don't lead water. They're in front of the radiator. I think they mean evaporator. Will Toyota now have to recall their recall?

    And even then, why would you put electronic parts under something that's prone to leaking water?
  • greenponygreenpony Chicago, ILMember Posts: 531
    Just when you think Toyota has put their unintented acceleration "Moving Forward, Rapidly" behind them... BAM! An airbag explodes in your face.
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