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imageImproving the Sales Experience for Car Dealers and Buyers

New car purchases by young shoppers are down. Here's how to get them back behind the wheel.

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    Following your links in the article, from speeding up paperwork to how to test drive, etc, I find many areas that will slow the deal into a crawl instead of speeding it up. Your advice to test drive the vehicle then leave for other dealers sure does not sound like a buyer that has done the research and priced prior to entering the zone of purchase. Also, your negotiating 101 is a recipe for frustration and loss time. Further, going back to the lying 500 under invoice salesman and negotiating away the 500 is not great time management or buying smarts. Credit Cards (borrowed money) for downpayments?? Where do you guys get this stuff? The consumers and dealers has made a joke of the internet buying tool. IM's have been reduced to lying doorbarkers at a strip bar following your advice. Here is my advice for a quick purchase. Get your out the door price in writing, know the car you are buying, and set up the F&I all ahead of time with a professional IM. Signing and delivery to be place on a timed schedule prior to showing up at the dealer. Be a prepared buyer with your info and sign the 27+ docs, inspect your new car for problems and let the IM give you a proper delivery presentation. Then leave. Both parties are charged to be prepared and a pro IM will lead the deal in this direction for his own time management. Too many consumers use the internet (80 of the 95%) and then go to a dealer and play "advised" buying games as your links suggest. I think the 80% just like to haggle & knowing invoice is a terrible empowerment. So, the games just continue. Best advice, find a professional IM for the car you want and be a professional buyer. The time will shorten tremendously.
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