How to find electrical wiring for Grand Prix

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I want to plug in a cooler in the trunk of my 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GTS.
The nearest cigarette lighter/accessory plug is on the dashboard of the car. I do not want to plug into the dashboard and have cord running through the car into the trunk.
I want to mount a cigarette lighter/accessory plug in the trunk.
Does any one know where there is a electrical line in the trunk that is hot all the time that I can splice into?
A wiring schematic would be ideal.


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    Not anywhere that will take the load.
    You are going to try and hook up a unit with a fairly large load off of a wire you find in the trunk? You are looking for alot of headaches.
    The trunk light is the only wire with power to it and if you hook to that, carry a fire extinguisher.

    To avoid any problems, especially with all of the computer controls on that vehicle, it would be best to go from the battery power post with a fusible link, breaker or inline fuse, then into the vehicle, under the door trim, then under the rear seat into the trunk compartment. Use a single heavy insulation wire, about 12 guage and make sure you route it cleanly. This is the safest, least trouble causing setup.
    I have installed this setup dozens of times. Usually it is so that someone can install a 12V DC- 110 AC inverter so there kids can play video games on a 12v TV. While the TV is 12 Volt, the video game requires 110V.
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