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Confessions of an Auto Auctioneer

The average car shopper should avoid auto auctions, where specialized knowledge is a must. But if you're determined to go, learn from this veteran auctioneer's experiences.

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  • juniatacountyjuniatacounty Member Posts: 1
    The writer of this article said not-a-word about BID ROLLING. Bid Rolling is the very crafty art-form, and fraud, of getting the (current) high-bidder to raise his or her own bid against another-bidder- who-simply-does-not-exist... Bid Rolling occurs perhaps only once during any one sale item. But it may happen on several different items during an auction. Bid Rolling can occur at any auction.
  • jj_77jj_77 Member Posts: 1
    I am getting my dealer's license and honestly just looking to buy a few cars a month and hopefully sell them quickly. dont wanna rip anyone off and dont wanna get stuck with vehicles i cant sell either. your post was very informative to a novice like myself.
  • sp_1994sp_1994 Member Posts: 7
    Hi Steve, I heard you're near Atlanta and I'm in need of a car for about 3 months. Someone recommended you and please let me know if you have any available cars (<$3000) for 3 months. Thanks!
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