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What is the difference, if any, between a comparable Chevy & GMC. Any help would be appreciated.


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    The only difference that I know between the two of them is the looks. First of all is obvious, the front grill. Chev having it's bow tie and gmc with it's own letters displayed. The you can look on the side and see the different decals on the front doors. Inside you may find a different steering wheel decal. Other then this cosmetic stuff there is no real difference between GMC and Chevrolet. The both use the same engine and the same frame. There was however a test done when the new silverado and sierra came out to see which one was better. To my surprise the Chevrolet Silverado accelerated a little quicker then the Sierra. Surprising to me with the same engine and powertrain. Must be the extra weight of having the extra letters then the simple bowtie.. hahahaha Anyhow that all I can see different between the two, maybe someone else knows more and can elighten me as well as yourself on this..

    Swoosh Man
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    differences: Some option packages
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    the obvious differences are trim. The GMC has a smooth body-colored plastic cap on the front bumper whereas Chevy is rougher matte black. The GMC has chrome side molding whereas Chevy has the same matte black with a chrome strip inset. And GMC has a chrome grill surround whereas Chevy has black. These are the very reasons I bought a GMC. As Ryan mentioned the option packages are diff. There is generally more standard on the GMC that are optional on Chevy. For instance a GMC X-cab comes with the 4.8 V-8 with auto trans. as std. and on the Chevy X-cab a 4.3 V-6 is std. Because of these differences it's hard to get an exact price comparison but the GMC seems to be a little higher. However one of the local GMC Dealers says he'll still sell his GMC as low as any Chevy Dealer sells theirs.
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    The GMC also comes with the big mouth bass look at no additional charge. GMC also makes Professional grade trucks...whatever that means....course I would buy one in a heartbeat if they'd give me a Sierra Denali for the price that I paid for my rado...moreso since I'll be driving it and not having to look at the bass part....;-)
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    gmc now has a work truck version (like the old chevy style)
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    Has a special option package sold
    here in the northeast.....
    It is called the "HAULIN' 270"
    It is a reg. cab long box,It has no
    power options (windows-locks),comes
    with special haulin 270 decals,auto
    trans, 4.8 motor, hd suspension, tow
    pkg, limited slip, snow plow prep pkg,
    vinal seats, no carpet etc....selling
    for around 20K................Geo
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    that the "Professional Grade" GMC comes with a short bed. You'd think if it was aimed at Contractors and the like, which is the impression I get, they'd be more inclined to want a long bed.
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    I forgot it is only available in 4 wd
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    and it's always going to be the same answer; GMC's are just chevy's with lockwashers.
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    They also have the "Special Sport Edition" V6 2WD version which has the corvette yellow color as an option. Also, it is a stripper, too, no power accessories available.
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    ...and I say the same thing...they are both built in the same plants by the same workers..

    GMC offers a slight trim package the chrome strips VS the colored vinyl..and no badges. Some trim packages are a little more luxurious....but the same effect can be had in a Chevy...just more packages added together. GMC's cost a few hundee more I am told..

    ....Now the bass look is something I can't get past though.....


    - Tim
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    isnt that what i said? (trim pkgs different)
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    ..but you are kinda vague....

    - Tim
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