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The Top-Down Oil Change Posts: 10,125
edited September 2015 in General
imageThe Top-Down Oil Change

Changing your own oil is messy and time-consuming unless you use an oil extractor.

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  • To do an Oil & Filter change RIGHT, a complete Engine Flush should be done once each year.
  • forgive me if i missed something, but: who with 1/2 a brain would pump the oil out and refill the crankcase with oil without changing the oil filter?

    i've considered changing only the filter every other time, but to not change the filter is asking for an early retirement for your engine.

    who told told you to only change the oil?
  • this doe'snt mak sense, I typed up mazda and your giving me info on lotus and honda, howdoes that help me!
  • can anybody tell me where the PCV valve is located in a mazda3 2005vehicle
  • contheoncontheon Posts: 14
    Elevation is pretty simple with rino ramps. I own 2 SUVs, a sedan, and a Fit ... a wood extension does the trick for the Fit.

    I drain warm oil for a minimum of 1 hour, and even using Wix filters would never consider changing the oil without changing the filter. Since 90% of all cars / SUVs have oil filters accessable from the bottom, the extractors would be useless ... unless you are one of the 10% with top access or simply don't care about your car.
  • escoriaescoria Posts: 0
    does any one knows where the oil filter locatiion in the new 2012 4runner
  • Repurpose old carpet cleaner (with upholstery attachment). Reduce hose diameter as necessary.
    May need to stop and empty a few times during an oil change.
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Posts: 5,325
    Its far better to forget half baked ideas like this one. There are some machines and services where servicing like this is a viable choice, but changing the oil on family car shouldn't be on that list. There has been a history of people writing articles that had a similar goal, and it was more about cutting down shops and technicians than it was about educating the consumer about how to correctly service one's car. These people convinced themselves that somehow it was in the consumers interest to hurt the people who were trying to make a living servicing cars and looked for every opportunity to take shots at them and this "article" was no different.

    When you hear about someone today that has a complicated vehicle issue and they are struggling to find someone that can handle it, you need to refer back to this kind of journalism and realize that it worked to chase good people out of the trade long before they ever got good enough to handle the harder tasks.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,301

    To do an Oil & Filter change RIGHT, a complete Engine Flush should be done once each year.

    I disagree on " flushing" engines and expecially transmissions.

    Totally unnecessary and this can damage an automatic transmission.

  • I agreed to allow the oil change place to add Lucas Stop Leak during my oil change today. I couldn't turn the oil plug so I took it to an oil change place. Should have had my own mechanic do it. Anyway they had me take a look at the oil pan seal, it was seeping a bit so what. Oil wasn't dripping on the pavement, no oil spots at home, but I said go ahead and add it. Adding that Lucas gooey crap to full synthentic 5W20 was just dumb. I only drove the car home so far about 3 miles. I'm thinking to switch that toxic combo out myself and keep it just for top ups. I will get a pump if I still can't turn that damn plug tomorrow. At least I can pump that junk out. Remove the oil filter, drain the filter and put it back on without too much of a mess and add pure 5W30 Mobil 1. The reason I agreed to adding the Lucas Stop Leak was that I have added 3 quarts of oil since my last oil change 5 months ago (13,000 km). Car (2001 Elantra) only has 166,000 km. I bet I'm burning oil, I never find oil spots anywhere so I must be burning it. Adding the Lucas Stop was not smart, can make things worse I think.
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