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imageiPhone Navigation Apps

A road test of four iPhone navigation apps finds that they offer more features for the same price — or even less — than the previous generation of nav apps.

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    I read this article hoping to find a solid alternative to my current iPhone GPS, which is Navigon MobileNavigator.

    I deeply despise the Navigon due to its constant 'simulation mode'. It will fail to pick up the GPS signal at the start of EVERY trip, regardless of location (I live in the 16th largest city in America) and persist for an unspecified amount of time. It will only revert if I intervene, which cancels out my pre-programmed route, IF it's ready. Aaaarrrgggh! I HATE IT with every fiber of my being. Am I the one lucky person this is happening to? I cannot even believe the B-rating, it's lower than an F. I can actually arrive at my destination before it kicks in - if it even does. I have to use Mapquest/Google maps before I leave so I have some idea where I'm heading. Useless!

    I feel the AT&T navigator is a total waste of money when you can own Magellan or TomTom straight out. I never saw the logic in paying a subscription fee. Out of the 4 listed, it'd have to be either Magellan or TomTom next, but having to shell out twice for navigation and not really be sure which would be the best option is unnerving.

    Google maps has bailed me out of every Navigon situation to date, (for free I might add) including a recent trip I took with my friend and Edmunds road test editor - JDP!
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