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99 Sierra squeal when stop

rogue42rogue42 Member Posts: 11
edited March 2014 in GMC
Just got my 99 Sierra SLT 4x4 ext cab, 5.3. Drove
it over the last few days after a couple hundred
miles it started making a faint squeal when
stopping. It is similar to a brake squeal but not
very loud.

It happens when stopping, but it does not start
when I first start braking. If I am going slow, 30
mph or so, it may not squeal at all. If stopping
from 50 it will start after braking for a few
seconds. The squeal will stop when tires stop.
When starting the squeal remains until 25 - 30 mph
then it goes away.

Got a f/up call from dealer today. He feels that
the problem is probably a pebble or some other
foreign object that is causing the problem.

Anyone else having this? It is the only thing
wrong so far (no seat problems or vibrations).
This is a great truck! Can't wait until breakin
is over.....


  • markbuckmarkbuck Member Posts: 1,021
    Get out on the interstate, pick an off ramp and stomp the brakes at full power until you stop. If the noise is still present after several of these, it is probably not foriegn matter.....
  • rogue42rogue42 Member Posts: 11
    Well I will try that after breakin period. It mentions in manual to not use ABS until breakin is over.
  • markbuckmarkbuck Member Posts: 1,021
    200 miles for brakes, break-in I think......
  • nowickslnowicksl Member Posts: 20
    Go ahead and use the brakes. We bed in brakes and rotors by using them hard to get the bonding gases out of the pads.

    I don't know how you would not use the abs during the first few hundred miles, as all it takes is one misplaced bump to set the abs off under braking. This is my only real beef with my 99 4wd. Once the abs is set off the truck 's stopping distance is actually vastly increased while the front wheels regain nearly all their present grip. The truck would stop faster if allowed to actually brake under these situations. I have the Firestone Wilderness tires, and maybe is a function of the poor grip of the tires. has anyone else noticed this? Any fixes?
  • rogue42rogue42 Member Posts: 11
    They stopped squealing on thier own...
  • pjb0422pjb0422 Member Posts: 43
    See post #305 in topic #604 - Chevy Silverado.

    Seems that some squealing has been occurring on the Silverados too.
  • cookie1cookie1 Member Posts: 68
    The squealing noise may be just normal for I
    know that the four wheel disc brakes do squeal
    from time to time. Improved stopping distance
    vs. rear drum brakes, but the disadvantages are
    that disc brakes do have a tendency to squeal
    at times.
  • mike38mike38 Member Posts: 15
    I was going crazy trying to find the squeek on my 99. It seemed to only do it when its hot. I have read all kinds of nonsence dealer attempted fixes, I have found the source of the sqeel. Its not the trans, lockup converter,or the disk brakes, any guesses before I give it away ! (I know this is kinda mean but I just can't help myself...)
  • bogradybogrady Member Posts: 7
    OK Ace, don't make me suffer... I have a high pitched squeal on my Z71 LT after it gets hot (about 25 miles of driving). Seems to start after I apply the brake and then never stops. Same pitch, same volume until the wheels stop rolling. Once I get rolling again, the sound comes back. It also mysteriously stops and starts again once it has begun. Sound like your problem? If so, what is it !!! I have and appointment at the dealer on 7/8 and would live to go loaded with your secret.
  • mike38mike38 Member Posts: 15
    bogrady here's the scoop - My truck had the exact same symptoms you described - this is what it was.

    Drivers side front wheel, axle seal to casing is causing the sqeel. If you put the front end up and turn the wheel it will make the noise. My dealer simply sprayed penetrating lube where the seal meets the casing and the squeel is gone. Really simple fix. I hope this works for you, it did for another guy who had the same problem. Let us know how you make out.
    good luck.
  • bogradybogrady Member Posts: 7
    ace - thanks for the info. I found another description of this problem on forum 604 #305. I printed it out and took it to the dealer with me. He wanted to test his guys so he withheld the printout to see what they came up with. They found exactly what you did, so he's pretty pleased (as am I) with his techs. Seems we have all around confirmation of the problem and the solution now.
  • caseypilotcaseypilot Member Posts: 1
    Had the same sqeel. the dealer sprayed wd-40 by the left front wheel. Noise gone for now.
  • RichRich Member Posts: 128
    I'm trying to be logical here. One spray of WD-40 and it's gone forever? Why only the left front? I can see that this one is going to keep me up for nights!
  • allenc1allenc1 Member Posts: 3
    Had the same squeal on my Sieraa 1500. Sprayed WD-40, and it came back. My dealer changed the seal. Squeal has been gone for 400 miles.
  • n4lqn4lq Member Posts: 6
    WD-40 will do whatever you want it to do but you must first speak your request to the can while on bended knee.
  • dave40dave40 Member Posts: 582
    WD-40 is the Official Lubricant of "Truck Force One"
  • meredithmeredith Member Posts: 575
    If you regularly deal with solidly rusted parts....

    may I recommend KROIL and SiliKROIL by Kano Labs in Tennessee. These are "super creeping" oils which came out of WW II, and are usually sold industrially. If you regularly get packs of "bingo" cards for various mechanical purposes, you will find them there. It is sold mail order and a spray can is a very good thing to have handy.

    I have used them on a CJ-7 with a solidly rusted rear hatch piston that nothing else would touch, as well as other around the house and around the farm uses. I sent a package to my dad and he bought an entire sampler kit as a result. Good stuff!

    Front Porch Philosopher
    SUV, Pickups, & Aftermarket and Accessories Host
  • pcarpenterpcarpenter Member Posts: 3
    Yeah-- can't recommend Kroil highly enough. Don't remember the URL, but they do have a web site. Company name is Kano labs. I have actually unfrozen pistons/rings fron an old engine block whose bores had water standing in them for years. Benchrest shooters use it alone or with other bore cleaner since it will wick its way under lead deposits. Amazing stuff.
  • tglabtglab Member Posts: 10
    Had the same problem with my 99 Sierra 1500. I took it to the dealer and described my problem - squealing sound after driving on the highway for some time. They said there was a service bulletin regarding the problem and the fix is to replace the rear rotors. They did that and I no longer have the squeal.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    What was wrong with the rear rotors?
  • tglabtglab Member Posts: 10
    The dealer said that the original rotors had a defective surface and that the new rotors had corrected the problem.
  • meredithmeredith Member Posts: 575
    As a result of 30 or more days of inactivity....

    this topic is being "frozen". It will be archived or deleted in the next 10 days or so.

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