Auto repair websites... Any good ones?

hazdazhazdaz Member Posts: 56
Do you guys know of any good Auto-repair websites? Seems as if when you do a search in Yahoo, you either get no hits or you get a million useless hits.
I am specifically looking for some info to fix my dad's car - `86 or `87 Accord Hatch. And the turn-signal/light stalk seems kinda broken. When he turns his lights on, sometimes the lights turn on, sometimes not - the 'knob' you turn at the end of the stalk is definitly at fault (if you partly turn the knob, you can sometimes get the electrical connection). I already disassembled the housing around the steering-column, and the actual assembly for that stalk is surprisingly complex.
I would give it a shot in fixing it for him if I could find a site with some pix/info (seems as though the steering wheel has to come off to take the stalk out, but not sure). I would drop some $ on a Chilton's book, but its not my car, and if it looks too complex, I'll let him take it to a mechanic instead.
Any ideas or good sites?


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