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Top 10 Ways to Steal a Car (and how to defend against them)

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imageTop 10 Ways to Steal a Car (and how to defend against them)

Lists come out every year detailing the most stolen cars and, with that, what steps one can take to deter car thieves. Yet, a car is stolen in the United States every 24 seconds according to the Insurance Information Institute. Auto theft continues to thrive despite those lists and regardless of new anti-theft technology that emerges with every new model year.

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  • hosnarhosnar Member Posts: 1
    How does one steal a car using method #7, "Look for the car's title, registration or anything with a home address on it?"
  • rockymtnmcdrockymtnmcd Member Posts: 1
    Very well done. As an installer at a chain store, I completely agree that most alarm installations done by retail chain stores and especially by stereo shops are too easy to disable and way predicatable for a partially educated theif.

    Simply find an alarm professional in your area (google, craigslist, etc.), check for certification and refrences, and go with them. Stereo shops don't count because they don't focus on security and therefore their installers will always find the fastest way to install the alarm, not the most stealthy way. An alarm specialist will make a car alarm install more factory-looking and hard to detect by potential theives.
  • niceguy412niceguy412 Member Posts: 1
    Here is a very easy way to steal a car: (1) Go to a new or used car dealership and ask if you can test drive the car. (2) while you're at the lot investigate the area for gates that they might close after hours. if there is no gates that will be all good. (3) once you've picked the car you wan't to test drive go ahead and do so. (4) While you are test driving go to Wal-mart are your local hardware store and copy the key. once you've done that you're all set. (5) Drive back to the lot and wait until after hours later on that night and go back and get your ride. (6) Drive the car across state lines and sell it at a public Auto Auction and sell it Title attached which means you promise to give the title later. (7) Make sure before you go to the auction to sell create yourself a fake driver's license because they will ask for ID and you can cash the check at a local Grocery store because if you go to the bank to cash it you'll be caught. (8) If they can't cash your whole check at that area go to a location like a check cashing center.
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