2014 Chevy Corvette Stingray Z51 vs. 2014 Porsche Cayman S Comparison Test

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image2014 Chevy Corvette Stingray Z51 vs. 2014 Porsche Cayman S Comparison Test

Edmunds' comparison test of the 2014 Chevy Corvette Stingray Z51 and 2014 Porsche Cayman S. Includes instrumented test numbers, lap times, on-road driving impressions, photos, video and more.

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  • hirevingmikehirevingmike Member Posts: 2
    Well you guys are pretty consistent. I've noticed a pattern in these tests. In this one the less powerful, slower, less electronically aided car won. Identical outcomes :GTR vs Corvette, MP4-12C vs 458 Italia. It seems car performance capability,despite electronic aids has exceeded what the average driver & auto journalist can wrangle from them. The more powerful, faster, higher tech car is just not the most enjoyable one. Who knew?
  • dsomedadsomeda Member Posts: 1
    I love the Mercedes commercial "everything matters". As a gearhead engineer I am totally swayed by facts and specs in determining purchases. I have all these performance figures over the years in my head and technical facts on cars. Like most people I buy according to price as well. People are always surprised by my recomendations for them when I don't own those cars. I don't own them because we are all different and have different needs. They ask for advice because I am knowledgeable about almost all cars. They are happy with the cars I recomend because I consder their needs. One day a neighbor buys a 1992 SL 500 Mercedes for 6K. The check engine light comes on and we check the fuse for the engine components. It is located in the engine bay in a hermetically sealed unit w several stainless steel screws to ensure that it is water tight should one fail! Unbelivable quality overengineered German stuff. We are flabergasted. This old car could be driven into the ocean and the fuses would survive salt corrosion. Coming from an aerospace background I used to work on Rockets at GD where we would encase the electronics so they could fall into the ocean and survive for forensic failure analysis. I know how expensive this stuff is. For someone to say a S class Mercedes is expensive compared to a Cadillac CTSV that has a camaro engine because it costs 30% more, it actually is designed to a different standard. No Mercedes buyer looks under the hood at fasteners. Every other car has a plastic cover that opens by deforming the plastic that eventually will crack. Mercedes actually wants their flagship car to last.
    In contrast my GN came delivered w deformation in the roof from spot weld heat and pressure. The bolt was stripped and broken that held the air conditoner compressor (it is stuck in the compressor). Half the bolts and spacers are missing that attaches the unibody to the frame. So the body NVH is more and handling is not as tidy as designed. The black paint has white primer underneath that shows wherethe paint self destructs. The molding fell off. The roof liner is open cell foam backed that turned back to petroleum after 7 yrs same as my previous Camaro. The bumper liner cracked after 7yrs and fell apart. My car is parked in an insulated enclosed garage in San Diego. I covered it at work when i did drive it to work. The brake system is 1000psi electric and unique to GNs to provide braking for spooling boost at the start line when vacuum is unavailable. Almost every part needs to be replaced every 3 years at hundreds of dollars per part now that they are not a dealer item. The driver side header cracks every 3 yrs. I have under 70,0000 miles on this 28yr old Buick. They are actually considered to be the most reliable GM brand.
    I would only consider a Corvette for performance and cost. I would really like to have a Porsche Cayman 3.8.
    Idrove a 270 hp auto Boxster s on a track after driving a F1 equipped 360 Modena ferrari 390hp. I also drove the lotus elise 190hp 5 speed same track. I could not believe how good the Porsche was. It felt like 3/4 the speed of the Ferrari and just as tight and athletic. All the car you need. I was fully prepared to not like the ladies Porsche auto. The lotus sucked big time. No torque, clunky linkage squeaks rattles NVH of a kit car. I own a lotus 7 w a big block 2l 71 pinto engine souped up to the max, and tranny and the stock front pinto suspension and steering. It is much more direct acting.
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