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imageTrue Cost to Own® (TCO®)

Edmunds True Cost to Own® shows hidden costs of car ownership. The least expensive vehicle to buy isn't always the least expensive to own.

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  • georgeodjunglegeorgeodjungle Member Posts: 1
    using True Cost to Own calculator is alot of help
    but in all the categorys there was NO rip off hybrids
    guess no one would buy them if they really known ow
  • docringsdocrings Member Posts: 1
    ... where the heck is the Toyota Prius? How am I supposed to figure out if going "green" saves me any "green" in the long-run????

    For my the TCO is useless without having some hybrid or electric options...
  • 300limited300limited Member Posts: 1
    I do not see TCO. Is there an issue with it?, Jan 10/2011
  • codeb55codeb55 Member Posts: 1
    So what if you always typically own your vehicles for 10-12 years? Yes, the resale value goes down, but those loan costs can be spread across the entire length of time and thus makes the TCO lower?
  • bbonicabbonica Member Posts: 1
    Is it working properly? I can't see the result..;;
  • rbhatia_rbhatia_ Member Posts: 1
    I was wondering why is there such a big difference in maintenance and repair costs for a same car over different model years. e.g. Honda Civic got its latest redesign (prior to 2012 model year) in 2006. When you compare the maintenance and repair costs for the 2006 -2011 model years, there's a big difference. Here's what they are
    2006 - $6,352
    2007 - $6,420
    2008 - $5,669
    2009 - $4,433
    2010 - $4,366
    2011 - $3,494
  • jess1234jess1234 Member Posts: 1
    I'm looking at a 2009 vehicle. Does the True Cost to Own if I purchase in 2013 show me it's cost over the past 5 years (from 2009-2013)... or its cost to me over the next five years from 2013 on?
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