Tesla Service Loaner Fleet To Include Fully Loaded Model S, Tesla Roadster

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imageTesla Service Loaner Fleet To Include Fully Loaded Model S, Tesla Roadster

Tesla Motors on Friday detailed its improved service program, which includes a loaner fleet made up of fully loaded Tesla Model S Performance 85 sedans and Tesla Roadsters.

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    1. I never write reviews, but this one was just hard to let go =(
    2. Went to pick up my new model S P85 on 4/23/13 in Costa Mesa Service Center in CA, so excited, right after I paid, went to inspect the car as the person who helped us--Michael--with the paper work was teaching us how to operate the car, came to find out on the spot that the driver side/rear window does not roll down or up, basically the switch does not work.
    3. told Michael about it, and he called his tech--Ben--to come take a look at it, and all of us determined that it was defective.
    They didn't have time to fix it right on the spot, and told us to wait for the system to update (happens to have a system software update that same night), then try again to see if it still doesn't work. if it does not, they will take care of it. so we drove home, loving the car.
    4. system finished updating the same night, and the next day, we tried the window again, and still does not go up or down no matter how you press on it (by now, some pple might be thinking, maybe the front main control for child safety was locked? NO, THAT WAS THE FIRST THING ALL OF US WERE CHECKING WHEN WE FOUND OUT ABOUT THIS ISSUE).
    5. I called Michael on 4/24/13 about the same issue, Michael said he will call me back with an appointment and get us in to fix this new car that we just got and had a defective window switch.
    6. no one called, so I called again on 4/25/13, and talked to Mark--service tech--and Mark said, would you like to bring it in on 4/30 so we can diagnose the problem, then order the parts, and you can come back again when the parts are here to fix the issue. DO YOU GUYS SEE WHERE THE PROBLEM IS? I don't live next to the service center, he wants me to bring it in on 4/30, wait for them to check out the problem, determine the problem, order the parts to fix the problem, and wait for the parts to come in, THEN I HAVE TO GO IN AGAIN and wait for the actual work to be done?? I ASKED AGAIN AND AGAIN "WOULD THE RANGER COME OUT TO FIX THE PROBLEM, OR DO I HAVE TO GO IN? Mark said would be best you come in, so I said would I be provided with transportation as I AGAIN, CAN'T WALK TO WORK AND DON'T HAVE ALL DAY AND SO MANY DAYS JUST TO FIX A FACTORY DEFECT THAT WAS FOUND ON SPOT RIGHT AFTER I PAID FOR THE CAR. Mark said we are really busy, and that's the best they can do.
    7. NOT HAPPY ABOUT WHAT JUST HAPPENED, I called back and talk to another service person--LISA--and told her the same issue, hoping that someone can just get the window switch fixed? Lisa said, I am shooting from black, because I don't know what is wrong with your car. I told Lisa, Michael/Ben were there when I went in to pay for my car NEW CAR, AND PICK UP MY NEW CAR, and both saw the window not working, and again, it's not the child safety lock that's on so it does not roll up and down. Wouldn't you think your SERVICE TECH--BEN--would have figured that out if that was the case? The window however do go up and down when I control it from the driver's main control, and that was the MAIN REASON that I was ok taking it home even with that defect. I TOLD HER THAT YOU GOTTA UNDERSTAND THAT WHEN YOU JUST PAID FOR A CAR THAT COST YOU $120,000, you want all major functions to work at least right?
    So Lisa said, here is what I can do for you, I am going to order the whole new door to be here in the service center, so any parts that belongs to the door will be here, then any problem we find out we will be able to fix it, so can you come back on 5/9/2013?
    8. The Model S is manufactured at the Tesla Factory in Fremont, California.
    the service center is located:
    3140 Pullman Street
    Costa Mesa, CA 92626

    it takes 15days to get a part that they use to make their cars daily from CA to CA to fix a customer's door that was made/delivered defective?
    they have new cars delivered from the same place in Fremont, CA to Costa Mesa, CA say once a week if not daily?
    p.s. While I was there signing my paperwork, a guy came in and said I have 3 new model S, who can inspect them?
    so if shipping is so slow & expensive, couldn't they just get the parts in with the car delivery schedule since they are delivering pple's cars on a regular basis?

    I AM SPEECHLESS at this point, I HAVE A NEW $120,000 car that one of the window doesn't work right out of the factory!
    note that I paid $990 for personal delivery + $180 for final inspection in my contract for the car to be inspected from factory to service center--they charge all buyers that, and said this also included delivery to your home if you like, but I read someone's feedback that when his car was delivered to his home with full of scratches, I decided to go into the service center to pick up the car instead of having it delivered to avoid any complications.
    p.s. my delivery advisor actually informed me that the car is already at the service center ready for pick up on 4/3/2013, it took me a while to get everything figured it out and scheduled for my pick up appointment at their service center on 4/23/2013, so WHAT KIND OF INSPECTION DID I PAY FOR WHILE THIS CAR WAS SITTING IN THE SERVICE CENTER FOR 20DAYS? and they couldn't even find out this issue prior to my appointment? $1170 well spent huh?

    9. I love the car
    BUT IT'S THE SERVICE THAT SUCKED! and that were promised to get better or great by Elon?
    I don't even know if Elon reads these feedbacks or maybe never gets to him because the service pple just deletes them before it gets to Elon? you be my guess.
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