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imageLackluster Economy Puts Brakes on Millennial Car Purchases

The slow housing and job markets are keeping young buyers out of showrooms, according to a new analysis by Edmunds.

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    The tired, lazy explanation that young people don't buy new cars as much because they're more interested in cell phones always drove me nuts. Interest in a $200 item has almost no bearing at all on the purchase of a $20,000 item. That $200 smart phone purchase once every 1-2 years is far less than the monthly payment on a new car. A cell plan with data is maybe a quarter of a monthly car payment. No, the fact that a new lowest-trim, no-option compact starts at what often amounts to a year's salary is what is putting new car purchases out of reach. Young people aren't uninterested in cars by nature. They just can't afford to be interested in them.
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