2012 Toyota Prius c Long Term Road Test

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image2012 Toyota Prius c Long Term Road Test

Read daily updates on our long-term road test of the 2012 Toyota Prius C and follow along as our editors live with this car for a year.

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  • jaywong408jaywong408 Member Posts: 1
    I think it really depends on how hard you are on the gas, or how much battery the car has remaining to support EV mode. I test drove one with 75% battery life and it went on EV mode up to 25mph until a alarm prompted me that I am going above the EV speed and the engine kicked in.
  • priusnutpriusnut Member Posts: 1
    This mode is for short moves that you don't want to start the engine for. Like moving parking places when your spouse need out or pulling it into the garage. Because gas engines are less efficient when cold.
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