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Maxima PAINT quality problems

joeyg1joeyg1 Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Nissan
Hi, I was intending on purchasing the 2002 Maxima SE in Icelandic Pearl in the next few months & have been researching the car as compared with others. The Maxima on all accounts except one, appears to be an outstanding automobile. My concern is that I have found literally hundreds of complaints on the "Maxima.Org" web site concerning poor quality paint jobs on the Maximas that result in much higher than average chipping of the paint. This problem appears so serious that a web site has been created to complain to Nissan about it.

This site is

Have people on this board had as much trouble with the paint quality of the Maxima & if so...would you buy another one knowing what you know now about the paint?

Here is the link to the forum on Maxima.Org

Also can anyone with a 2002 Maxima report on how there paint is doing so far.

Thanks in Advance



  • we have an 01 20th anniversary edition in black and i have not been pleased with the finish.swirl marks that i cant get out and several chips that i will have to touch up.the finish on our 96 se in green was much better.
  • conecone Posts: 1
    The paint in our '98 Max is thin compared to some others but has held well in Chicago winters (road salt) and summers (road contruction gravel). Detailing with care prevents swirl marks. Chips on hood and sides are no worse than with other cars when stones or salt spray from trucks hit at freeway speeds.
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