2014 Kia Cadenza Limited Long-Term Road Test

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image2014 Kia Cadenza Limited Long-Term Road Test

The 2014 Kia Cadenza is a proper full-size car with a proper price tag. We've got 12 months to see if it's worth it.

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  • carzluvrzcarzluvrz Member Posts: 7
    Sorry, just not feeling this Kia at all. It's sibling the Optima "look" nicer than this Cadenza.
  • zoomzoomnzoomzoomn Member Posts: 143
    Nice enough car, but why the heck is it named after a piece of furrniture? :/
  • noburgersnoburgers Member Posts: 500
    An interesting choice for a long term test. I still would have thought that Edmunds would go with a more high-volume choice like the aforementioned new Impala, but it should be interesting to see what kind of value Kia brings to the table in this market segment. Maybe at some point you guys can do a little comparison and also compare to it's Hyundai sibling.
  • noburgersnoburgers Member Posts: 500
    @zoomzoom Cadenza, or Credenza? Or Cressida?
  • cromagnum_mancromagnum_man Member Posts: 54
  • cromagnum_mancromagnum_man Member Posts: 54
    I can't imagine trying to keep those wheels clean or all of that white leather.
  • jeffinohjeffinoh Member Posts: 156
    The more I see this car, the more it appeals to me. The exterior proportions are just right. Its shape is strong yet clean. The details are fresh but not gaudy. Not sure the interior quality is a match though.
  • greenponygreenpony Chicago, ILMember Posts: 531
    Your comment about seeing more than a badge is so true. When my dad was looking for a new car earlier this year, I suggested a Kia Optima. He was repulsed by the thought of owning a Kia. Instead he bought an Audi, and my wife and I went ahead and bought an Optima. The funny thing is that the Kia has almost all of the features of the Audi (and in the case of the cooled front seats, dual-pane sunroof, and a more powerful more efficient engine, more) yet costs about 33% less. A badge isn't worth that much to me.
  • fordson1fordson1 Unconfirmed Posts: 1,512
    Hmm...$36k and no HIDs? Seems like an oversight. Interested to follow this car through LT ownership, though.
  • gslippygslippy Member Posts: 514
    Interesting that Kia loaned it to you. Now we won't know how it would have fared when you unload the car at the end of a year.

    Will you be paying for maintenance?
  • drhorribledrhorrible Member Posts: 1
    Due to the dumb feature of posting a comment so that you can see what comments that were left.
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