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Current pickup truck trends



  • Both my shitzu and siberian huskies are very loyal and have a perfect temperment.

    The huskies love to ride in the truck. I have a kennel for each of them (two).
  • remember this:

    Toyota only RECENTLY jumped into the market CREATED by your beloved GMC and Ford: Yuppie Trucks.

    I really laugh everytime I hear you guys gripe and moan and cry when you talk about new pick-ups, then try to conveniently blame Toyota for all your woes. The Tundra was introduced in 1999, I believe. What was there before 1999? $30K-$60K pickups/SUVs with leather, push-button 4WD, climate control, traction control, navigation systems, cell-phone jacks, heated seats, separate air-conditioner/heater controls, ETC!!! Who made these yuppie-mobiles? GMC and Ford! Cadillac Escalade, Eddie Bauer Edition Expeditions and Excursions, loaded GMC/Ford trucks so plush they would never be worked, etc.

    Yes, GMC and Ford truly paved the way for Toyota with the yuppie SUV/truck market. Now even BMW and Mercedes has jumped on the SUV bandwagon in America!

    Funny how you guys scoff at the shiny Toyota 4Runner next to you, but don't see the Cadillac Escalade on your other side.

    Ignorance and stupidity...
  • moparmadmoparmad Posts: 197
    Is that Greek for bitter,irate Toyota owner? Easy man. I don't like Toyotas anymore than you like Dodge Rams,and thats okay,differing opinions are what makes the world go round. If you are as happy with your Toyota as I am with my Ram then I am happy for you. I realize that the Ram isn't everyones cup of tea,and you must realize that the Tundra is also not everyones cup of tea. Most people expressing their opinions on here are not trying to attack you personally,those that are are best dealt with by simply ignoring them.
    Have a Peaceful and happy holiday.
  • Differing opinions are good, as long as they are based on FACTS and not ignorance. I'm sorry, but anybody who blaims the current truck trend entirely on Toyoa, while ignoring the same things GMC and Ford are "guilty" of, is ignorant.
  • oldharryoldharry Posts: 413
    This topic started with someone saying that 8 foot bed standard cabs and 6 1/2 foot ext cabs were the only choice when he first entered the market. ??? My first truck was a short bed Ford, 1954 to be exact. That was a long time before Dodge brought out the first "Club Cab" and started the ext cab craze. I also had a short bed Chevy, 1970, and now have a ext cab Chevy with the 6 1/2 foot box. It will carry 4X8 sheets of plywood, drywall or whatever with the gate down, and my son has a 3/4 ton truck with an 8 foot box if I need it. The times that my short box trucks were not adequate, however, have always needed more than a pickup. Farmer friends with grain trucks fill that need nicely.

    The smelly garbage post above is the best reason I have seen for the less than five foot boxes.

  • What are your thoughts on those Ford Sport Tracs and Chevy S-10 Quad-cabs with the mini-box? What's the best reason for THOSE mini-boxes?
  • lariat1lariat1 Posts: 461
    I was commenting on the availability of styles of trucks at the beginning of the topic. Personally I like extented cab trucks with the 8' bed, the problem I found is that most trucks that are sold nowadays are short box ex cabs. When I was growing up most trucks that were bought were reg cab long boxes, then there was the ex cabs, crew cabs and short boxes that were available but hard to find. I guess my opinion is you can never have enough bed space.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    Uncle has a 60ish International pickup with an 11' bed. Has about 8 leaf springs and he hauls cows in the back. He thinks my Ram with cummins is a waste of money. Oh well, I enjoy air conditioning and not having my teeth rattled out of my head. But that's one strong truck, I'll give him that.
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    Well, there are many advantages to extended cab, shortbed trucks:

    1. You can parallel park them. Have you ever tried to parallel park a longbed, extended or Crew cab pickup?

    2. You can drive them in parking decks. Most longbed, extended cab pickups cannot maneuver through the typical parking decks.

    3. You can do a U-turn. Ever try to do one in an extended cab longbed?

    4. You can fit a shortbed in just about any garage. Have you tried to park an extended cab long bed in a regular garage?

    5. You can park just about anywhere. With an extended cab, longbed - you must carefully choose where you park.

    As far as carrying long items goes - most items which won't fit in a shortbed will not fit in a longbed either - that extra foot and a half does not buy you much.

    Most people who drive pickups drive them empty most of the time and have to drive in cities. The extended cab longbed pickup is not very friendly in most cities.

    It all boils down to you have to choose your compromises. If you want to drive in any populated areas (and park) - extended cab longbeds are too much of a compromise.
  • Lincoln Blackwood fits the Chevy and Ford boys' definition if a completely useless yuppie-truck to a "T."

    But you'll never hear them mention a word about the Lincoln Blackwood. All their energies are ignorantly focused on Toyotas.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    pluto i agree totally with

    "Lincoln Blackwood fits the Chevy and Ford boys' definition if a completely useless yuppie-truck to a "T.""

    Lincoln blackwood and cadillac ext are poor excuses for trucks
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    Isn't a '99 Chev Shakerado that is rated a "used vehicle to avoid" by Consumer Reports some indication?

    I would suggest that if they can't get it right the first year(or second, or third) then all bets are off.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    bama i think you put this into the wrong topic.

    shouldnt this reply go elsewhere
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    You brought up Chevy reliability (or lack thereof). Now you are whining. I don't understand.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    You are absolutely right. I apologize. This topic has not turned into a brand war (YET!).
  • lariat1lariat1 Posts: 461
    What were your reasons for buying a truck? The reason I bought a truck is because I haul a lot of stuff. I wanted an 8' bed because I can fit a lot more stuff in the back of it things like wood, hay, gas barrels, snowmachines and other such items. When I drive into town I see alot of people driving trucks and it is obvious that is their first truck. Its funny to watch them run over curbs with their back tire and make 3 or more point turns trying to park. I guess if you grow up driving long vehicles you get real used to it, my wife still cant understand how I can pull the boat through town and parallel park a 28' trailer and a truck without hitting anything.
    The really bad thing about trucks getting more popular is that they are getting real expensive.
  • just bought a '97 Ford Powerstroke with club cab and long bed. I never paid much attention to the size of these or rode in one until he bought that one home. What a boat. We took it on a hunting trip and the backseat ride was nice. Amazing how in a few years time, ext-cab and club-cab trucks have become the norm and reg cabs are coming off the line in fewer and fewer numbers.
  • every time I've seen a Tundra apologist type this phrase in the past eight months:

    "Isn't a '99 Chev Shakerado that is rated a "used vehicle to avoid" by Consumer Reports some indication?"

    NEWS BULLETIN: In 3 weeks it will be 2002. Model year 1999 trucks have been out of production for 3 yrs. Is that all you've got? Why don't you post that line in a new thread called "Worn Out Vehicle Insults and Other Assorted Drivel"?
  • boaz47boaz47 Posts: 2,751
    I see the new trend in trucks as an attempt to give us a SUV with a bed. Some corporate guy sits in a ivory tower somewhere and says to himself, "hey, people like SUVs and they sell well and make us a tidy profit and people like trucks. But truthfully I think they are all fine, except I don't care for those SUV tiny bed things. It's a visual thing and I don't care who makes them. I now have a standard cab because I didn't need a club or a crew cab. So I didn't need to spend the extra money, something between two and four thousand dollars more just for the extra cab space I never put anyone in. What if I have passengers and want to go to dinner? My Sedan works better for that anyway. The coupe is fine for when my wife needs to run errands and the truck is for work and weekend projects. Don't ask me what I would do if I had to pick just one vehicle because I have no idea. I have been in some of the forums in other car related sites and the sedan kids and coupe kids have no idea why a person gets a truck in the first place. Some hate SUVs more than they hated school.
  • In Alaska the truck is king. Almost everyone I know has at least one. To not have a truck here is to limit what you do and where you go. While I would have liked to have and ext cab and an 8 ft bed, I knew it was too impractical for every day driving in an urban environment. So I gave up the back seat. I have filled the back up a number of times...something that would have required two trips with a 6.5 ft bed. When I take trips in the summer, the back becomes my home, since I don't like hauling anything behind me or having a camper I wouldn't get a whole lot of use out of. An 8 ft bed is much roomier for someone who's 6' 2", than a 6.5 ft bed is. But I do have to wonder how much longer regular cab long beds will be available in consumer trim. It works for me, but I don't see many others like it on the road. And I can park it in my garage...something I couldn't do with even with a short bed ext cab. It sure is nice to have a clean warm truck right after a big snowfall!
  • moparmadmoparmad Posts: 197
    I still don't see any post blaming all the truck problems of the world on Toyota. I would think you would take it as a compliment that anyone who said that thinks Toyota has that much influence on the history of trucks.
    Don't mean to cause trouble but as an outsider looking in I see the Toyota guys doing all the name calling and complaining not the Chevy guys. Maybe you should try to look objectively at what you are writing,maybe you are not meaning to come across as you do.
    I have been a Steelers fan for most of my life but I am not going to tell a Rams fan that the Rams stink,they don't. I think it is similar with trucks,they are all good,so to argue which is best is simply a waste of words.
  • "as an outsider looking in" you probably didn't witness the mountain-load of garbage posts by midnight_stang and quadrunner500 that they themselves deleted after keeping them on-line for a while. They just love to stir up trouble and raise a ruckus here and especially in our Tacoma threads, then delete their incendiary posts and call us trolls. Clever tactic, huh? Too bad you didn't see midnight_stang's posts, they were "XXX-rated!"
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    of these post are more just to illicit a response than offer anything constructive. And are best ignored. Seems to go from one board to another. Miissed the ones last night. Darn.
  • Anyone notice Bama's reasons for a shortbed fit perfectly the idea of a driveway queen truck, hmmm exactly what the tundra was designed for, sititing in the driveway.
  • The Lincoln Blackwood, GMC Denali, Cadillac Escalade, etc. would be much better, and more expensive, examples of shiny yuppie-mobiles that look good in a driveway. Better yet, why don't you use obyone's chevy as an example? I bet that big, pretty shiny truck looks real nice sitting on top the dealership's hydraulic lift going on 5 months.

    Dude, you really need to quit living such a sheltered and isolated existence out there in those wheatfields in Ellensburg. FYI, people do ACTUALLY LIVE IN CITIES where driving a monstrous F-350 dually would not only be impractical but dangerous. No parking spaces big enough, can't make U-turns on the roads, can't park the truck in your garage or maybe even in the crowded streets, etc. Yet a lot of folks in the city want and need a truck for hauling boats, construction projects, moving, etc. Do yourself a favor and go to Seattle and see what people drive over there and why. Might open your eyes a little...

    Now, I'm not saying Tundras are for city-slickers. I'm saying that you should choose a truck that fits your needs. Sometimes, I get scoffed at by the guys in the diesel F-350s when I'm in my Tacoma. BUT, for my purposes, a diesel F-350 is totally worthless. First, I would hate to try and maneuver that thing on the narrow streets in Mexico when I'm there (about 75% of the time). The truck is extremely heavy (especially with that diesel engine block) and has relatively small tires, and this makes for an extremely poor off-road vehicle. These trucks simply get stuck much easier than something like a Tacoma due to their weight, small tires and sinking tendencies. I LOVE to hunt, and I'd be a fool taking a truck like that out in the muck down here. The hunters using the big diesel Fords and Chevys use them simply to haul all their un-necessary junk, including four-wheelers, which they ride through the brush. Heck, I just take my truck and my rifle...

    I have a lot more respect for guys who buy according to their needs and USE their trucks. I hate to say it, but A LOT (not all) of the Ford and Chevy guys are buying the biggest trucks they can afford because they're on an ego-trip. This is why trucks are getting so expensive - everybody's buying them! It's usually these ego-guys with the big trucks they don't use that give me lip about my Tacoma. The guys that do use their trucks, however, usually give me a respectful nod when they see even my Tacoma when it's all muddy as heck and I've got a big gutted buck or javelina in the back dripping blood all over the place.

    So don't laugh too hard at the folks in the Tundras and Tacomas. Many of these guys might actually be working their trucks harder than the posers in the big-rigs.
  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    Bamma's reasons make sense to me.I have a Sierra 2500HD that I use for towing a 7000 ib boat.In the 8 months I've owned it I've hualed over 3000 lb of bricks or concrete at a time 6 or 7 times,and on the rack I've carried 16 foot tube steel columns.I park it in the garage.The tundra wouldn't work for me ,but if I needed a light duty truck that isn't much bigger inside than my tacoma std cab 4x4 and a smooth ride I might give Tundra a try.Even if it is too big for off road.
  • hunter98hunter98 Posts: 273
    I have a 2002 GMC 2500 HD Ext Cab SB 4x4 Duramax/Allison/Eaton in my WARM garage and need the capabilities of the truck for the farm, and yes the shortest bed I would by for Farm use is the current SB.

    I feel that the 8 ft beds can be wonderful, and are very important. Some of the places that I have to park, barely fit a SB. Dad has a 94 Ext Cab LB 4x4 3/4 ton anyways. I think that GM should offer two more bed sizes on their trucks. I feel that an 120" bed should be offered on the Reg and Ext cab 2500HD and 3500 trucks. This would be a very useful option for many farmers, contractors and other tradesmen. That gives you 8 feet behind your tool box, and 10 feet below it for lumber (great for contractors).

    The current SB is a 78.7" bed, the LB is 97.6", I think that a 64.5" and a 121.6" beds should be added on the proper models. I think that the 1500HD should have an optional 64.5" bed, which would make it only 223.1" long, with a 142.5" wheelbase. This would allow use of the close enough 143.5" frame for cost savings. The truck would be virtually the same length as the current Ext Cab SB, and I feel would be an excellent option for many buyers who want a GM CC, but not the avalanche. This truck would fit their needs, be cheaper, nice looking and fit in their garage. I think the 1500 Ext Cab should get the 64.5" bed option as well. This would allow it to use the RC LB frame of 133", so have the same turning radius, and would provide a short 213.5" overall lenth, which falls halfway between the RC SB and RC LB. This would fit in many of the current DUMB standard length garage of 18-20', since it is only 17.8' long, where current EC SB don't fit in several peoples garages. I think that the 78.7" bed should be available on the dually trucks. I also think that a 121.6" bed should be available on the 2500HD and the dually trucks. This would allow contractors and other tradesmen to haul a skid of studs behind their toolbox with the tailgate up! The RC with the LONG!!! bed would be 246.1" long with a 153" wheel base (STD NOW ON CC SB), and the same length as current EXT cab LB. It could even be offered on the Ext cab models, and would only have a 177.5" wheelbase, and be 22.5' long. But for the capabilities, and for the use, it is not too big.

    Best of luck, maybee GM will listen some day. Build trucks to order to fit peoples needs, and you will sell a whole heck of a lot more trucks than trying to shove an avalanche down their throats. Which by the way, has a 221.7" overall length, which is about the same as my proposed CC, a 130" wheelbase, and a 63" bed behind the midgate. These are the specs that are driving people to the avalanche, (IT TURNS TIGHT, FITS IN PARKING SPACES, AND FITS IN THEIR GARAGES), and the 1500HD could too! Also Fords super crew has a 65.5" bed, with a 139" wheelbase. These specs and size is what is driving people to this type of truck, the conservative and money conscience ones are going to the Ford.

  • moparmadmoparmad Posts: 197
    I don't understand the Explorer Sporttrac or the Avalanche. To me they don't seem to make a good SUV or a good truck,the worst of both worlds instead of the best. But obviously they are selling so someone must like them and that is fine. It is nice to see that manufacturers are at least trying to come up with new and exciting products,and trying to build new niches in the market,it can only mean good things for the future I think.
    I wonder if these half-breed trucks might draw enough of the car driving truck buyers away from the fullsize market to allow the full size trucks to turn more to their original purpose,work. Seems like fullsize trucks of all description are being designed to deliver 1/4 mile acceleration,soft rides,car like handling and super fuel economy at the expense of good low end torque and toughness. Seems like you have to buy a 3/4 ton to do what a half ton use to do. Don't get me wrong fuel mileage and nice rides and all that are great,but I think they are being over emphasized at the expense of things that really matter to a true work truck.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    what about the S-10 crew cab. There is no point of a bed

    a spare tire would barely fit
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