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Drive by Numbers - Scion FR-S vs. Subaru BRZ Posts: 9,975
edited September 2014 in Scion

imageDrive by Numbers - Scion FR-S vs. Subaru BRZ

If the Scion FR-S and the Subaru BRZ were put in a data boxing match, who'd reign supreme?

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  • mptlptrmptlptr Posts: 17
    This article misses a major point. The reason why there are so many more FR-Ss sold than BRZs is because the agreement between Subaru and Toyota was that Toyota would get the majority of the production capacity at the Gunma plant in Japan. BRZs would undoubtedly outsell FR-Ss if it wasn't for that.

    I have an FR-S but only because the scarcity of BRZs led dealers in LA to mark them up by $3000 or more. I would've gladly paid MSRP for a BRZ Limited.
  • flacofaceflacoface Posts: 1
    At the Chicago Auto Show last March, the BRZ drew a crowd with people lining up to sit in the vehicle. The F-RS had no one near. Standard navigation in the BRZ should have earned it more points.
  • phc would've loved to be in the room where these cars were named. "brrrrz" and "furrrs".... must've been cold.
  • Is it time for a rematch? Would be curious to see if and how the numbers have changed 5 years on, since both cars are still available (though one decided to rebrand in the meantime). I'll admit I'm partial to BRZ as I own one.

    Also, have you run the numbers on a Miata/Fiata fight?
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