2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster Long-Term Road Test

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image2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster Long-Term Road Test

Our winter tires have arrived and our 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster is one step closer to Mount Rushmore.

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  • zcalvertzcalvert Member Posts: 76
    there are some AMAZING driving roads in the black hills... even though mt rushmore itself is a soul-sucking horrible tourist trap.
    beautiful little part of the country.
  • lostcommalostcomma Member Posts: 13
    $1800ish I guess it could be worse. But if u can afford a $225k car chump change
  • DLuDLu Member Posts: 94
    Michelin Alpin PA3 are basically all-season tires that are a bit softer than average -- not great for more grueling New England winters. How are these?
  • bassracerxbassracerx Member Posts: 188
    going to be hard to judge how "good" these winter tires are going to be because it likely will be hampered by other issues like ground clearence and stability control keeping 576 horsepower in check. if i was the driver i would not use more then 3% throttle one twitch could send this thing in a ditch in a heartbeat.
  • xtremepsionicxtremepsionic Member Posts: 7
    with so much HP on tap, these nice soft tires will not last long if you don't drive like grandma!
  • exnevadan_exnevadan_ Member Posts: 25
    did you consider going w/ a separate set of wheels and going w/ the front wheel/tire size all around?

    I did this w/ my (albeit far tamer) G35 sedan to get better snow traction w/ a narrower rear tire. it also allows swapping front to back year to year and requires no remounting. I realize you're not going to hold onto the car, but if you encounter snow w/ those tires and that power, good luck and have fun.
  • 330i_zhp330i_zhp Member Posts: 55
    Kind of a bummer of a time to visit SD, but I suppose the roads will be clear of tourists. Should've waited a month or two and ripped through the badlands with the summer rubber. Be sure to find Nemo Road - a great drive! Enjoy the trip.
  • ne_blackshirtsne_blackshirts Member Posts: 56
    NEEDLES HIGHWAY!!! Look it up and put it on your GPS it's close to Mt. Rushmore and worth the drive but would be a blast in the spring, summer gets over ran with foreign tourist and harleys.

    Another great route (think autobahn & LOTS of tow lane PASSING stretch its legs;)) on to Mt. Rushmore is get off at I-25N outside of Cheyenne, WY exit #17 towards Torrington, WY US-85 all the way to SD then take US-18 towards Edgemont, SD then stay on US-18 till it turns to US-89 all the way to Custer, SD, then from Custer take 385 till it turns to 244 then Mt. Rushmore!!!

    With a car like that you have to choose nice long deserted two lane highways is a MUST!!!! Perfect for stretching that AMG out and two lanes a perfect excuse to tell the passenger hold on I need to pass this semi flat-out!!
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