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OK, got my new car last tuesday night. Charcoal grey interior. I washed it this weekend and decided to put some armor all on the vinyl and plastic to make it shine. It darkened up everything! You can see a difference in the spots I polished and did not polish. will this wear off. I feel like a dunce for doing this to a brand new car.


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    But you will be told that this product as well as Sn-of-a Gun. Lead to deterioration of the material due to silicon. Better to use a product like Vinylex which actually protect the vinyl. I believe others here in the past recommended washing it off with a mild soap.
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    Years ago I bought a replenishment "jug" of the stuff, and sent in for the rebate offered-- about four dollars, as I recall. I never got the rebate. I wrote to them. No action. Result: I have not bought their products in many years. Yeah, it's a grudge! I strongly prefer the products of Blue Coral anyway, regardless of all else.
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    It'll crack your dash, and leave a slimy, artificial looking shine.

    Professional detailers hate it!
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    Had to spend $155.00 to get the top of my back seats replaced. Threw out all my cheap ones after that. In all fairness however, the prior owner had not taken care of it. On my other cars STP and Armor all were not bad.

    The darker color and excessive shine are really true with most vinyl colors. The one that preserves the original color the best, and also has the highest SPF is Formula 303. It also doesn't add shine.

    Meguiar's #39 is a vinyl cleaner to remove the Crap, 3M online store also has a vinyl cleaner. These are the only ones that are pure cleaners. All of the others are combination products.
    I also found windex removes the grease and shine of STP.

    The more expensive products are not slippery.

    The ones I have tried with very goods are

    303 Protectant this has an SPF of 40, and if you removed the old stuff well so there is a very low shine. This is my number one choice for dashes.

    Meguiar's #40 Vinyl Cleaner and protectant. This is the best combination product I've used. I have a Subaru with a plastic roof and this has been the best for it.

    I've heard Lexol Vinylex is very good but have no experience with this.

    This is a case where the extra cost really makes a difference.
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    This will be the only application of armor all my new stang sees during its life with me.
    This one time application won't hurt it will it?
    What kind of soap to take it off. I got some on my rear leather seats taking off some scuff marks.
  • wtd44wtd44 Member Posts: 1,208
    You might try a good grade of saddle soap.
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    303 protectant is the way to go
  • isellhondasisellhondas Member Posts: 20,342
    Why use anything?

    I just use a slightly damp rag and everything looks perfect.

    Why would I need to "protect" my vinyl dash or other interior parts.

    And, nothing ever seems to get dirty, just a bit dusty at times.
  • mrdetailermrdetailer Member Posts: 1,118
    then buy a dash rug like Dashmat. If nothing is used then sun damage is inevitible. I believe that the seat I had to replace didn't have anything on it before. When it was repaired the real problem was simply sun rot. The Armor All accelerated the problem, but no protection before was the real issue. He sold me 303 to stop future problems.

    The vinyl stays softer and looks better too.
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    is garbage. as far as tire shine applications and dash. Dont use it.(water based) It stinks too. If you want to use a product that will last, then try using a product called black magic. Tire applications last at least 7 days. Your dash will get a nice everlasting shine too. Will not damage your dash. I have used this stuff on my previously owned ls400. and all other cars. never dissappointed.!!Plus this stuff has a sun protection factor that aids in enduring the life of your tires!!
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    I just don't think it's needed. The quality of plastics nowadays is much much better than they were in the 70s and 80s. For the most part dash cracking is a thing of the past.

    The reason I don't like protectant on the dash is that they all have a gloss which reflects back into the windshield. I'd rather have clear, comfortable vision than a shiny dashboard.

    If you've got to have your interior plastics look like a disco parlor from 1977, I suggest Vinylex, made by Lexol. It has a patented UV protectant that will actually do some good. It's quite a unique product and the only product worthwhile, IMO. You can buy it at most any Pep Boys.
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    Like some others here, I use these protectant products sparingly. I don't like excessive shine ... especially on my dashboard because of the glare. I've also heard stories about Armor All promoting cracking ... but I have always thought they were a little exaggerated or made the scape goat for other factors. Still, the stuff is watery and over-priced.

    I'm a little skeptical of nearly any dressing on the market but I have liked Westley's Black Magic (and I love its cherry-smell) as well as Meguiars trim detailer but neither lasts very long. A wekk to 10 days later the black plastic is looking slightly grey again. <:^(

    I'll look for the Lexol Vinylex for exterior stuff and the 303 Protectant for everything inside. Thanks for the tips.

    --- <b>Bror Jace
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    Does anyone know if there is a product that I can use to remove slight scratches from the exterior plastic cladding? I lightly used a scotch brite and Gunk's Bug-N-Tar to remove tar from the bumpers and have dulled the plastic with a haze of light scratches. Sticks out like a sore thumb. I'm not familiar with plastic cladding trim, can anyone suggest a product and application to clean off tar and bug splatters.
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    Heck, here in Seattle the sun rarely comes out. I do see cars from hot climates with the carpeted dashboard pads sometimes.
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    shayesky1: Sorry to burst your bubble but the rear seat in the Leather Pkg. in the Mustangs is plain ole plastic/vinyl. A good imitation, color match etc but none the less it's not leather, just the fronts so treat it accordingly. To get leather front & rear you gotta go "upscale" like my Hyundai Tiburon !! LOL

    Floridian :)
  • isellhondasisellhondas Member Posts: 20,342
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    Chuckle, chuckle, I knew that would elicit something from you old buddy !! Having a "senior moment are we"?

    Have a great Thanksgiving. Hope you don't have to work that day. :)We will be in Louisville IF my "leather laden" Korean, luxomobile can hack the trip LOL ! :)

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    I tried their pop-up wipes for my dash & other interior bits, and now instead of just dust I have white, flaky bits from the pop-up cloths. Anyone else had this experience, or can recommend a better product for those of us who are slightly lazy?

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    Just squirt your preferred product on a good paper towel before you wipe. You will get a lot more applications and not have any white stuff. I use Bounty, or the blue shop towels I purchased from AutoZone.
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    I had those also. used a microfiber to wipe them off. Please NO Pleather in my Mustang (Floridian, he hehe) GO PHINS!
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    Yeah...Happy Thanksgiving to you too, buddy. No, I don't have to work!

    I remember another Armor-All story.

    A buddy was selling his motorcycle so he decided to detail it. Foolishly, he put Armor-All on the seat!

    The first time he applied the brakes he was nearly casterated by the gas cap when he slid off!
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    1980 - I wiped down the dash of my 5 year-old Toyota Celica with Armor All. Within a week, it cracked wide open. I checked the bottle and read that they were not responsible for damage - that should be a clue. Fortunately, I had been too lazy to do the seats.

    As for protection, this is Arizona. Before Dashmats, it was rare to see a car more than a few years old without a cracked dash. Most of us drove around with towels in order to save them. As for the new dashes, within the past week I have been in a 93 Accord and a 95 Camry with cracked dashes. A shame with all the protection available.
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    The car I just bought had an Armour-All slimed interior. This stuff is sort of like sun-tanning with baby oil: looks nice on the right surface, but you can't wipe it off and you get burnt and crackly from it!!
  • mrdetailermrdetailer Member Posts: 1,118
  • brorjacebrorjace Member Posts: 588
    ... I take a small (1 gallon) pail, 1/2 fill it with water and then squirt several sprays of Simple Green into it. Then I go over the entire interior a couple times with a sponge.

    I then dump the (dirty) water, fill it back up again with fresh and then rinse the entire interior with the sponge. It's amazing what comes off your plastic and vinyl.

    --- Bror Jace
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    We live in a hot and humid climate, as well. I have noticed down here after using the vinyl protectors on a dash there seems to be a visible film that builds up on the inside of the windshield that fogs over quite quickly and is difficult to get off without a good window cleaner. Anyone else notice that, or am I off base in assuming it is caused by the extreme heat on a dash treated with a cleaner?
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    Regarding your query about a haze forming on your windshield due to the vinyl protectors, In all probability this haze is due to the plastisizers in the vinyl used in your interior. Not much can be done to eliminate this problem. Heat intensifies the amount that evaporates. When all of the chemicals are gone your vinyl will dry up and become brittle. In fact the protectants you apply seal the surface and rejuvanate the vinyl, plastic or rubber.
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