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imageTop 10 Vehicles for Towing

Summer's here and the time is right for towing in the streets. OK, so that's not exactly how the old song goes, but it's true nonetheless. With the rising mercury comes masses of people who take to the roads and do what they've been waiting to do all year — tow sumthin'.

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  • drruss_drruss_ Member Posts: 1
    I don't know where you get your info but both Ford and Chevy out class the Dodge by a mile.... so I would check your facts.....
  • sckevynsckevyn Member Posts: 1
    Confused as why you would list a car not even being made anymore as one of your ten vehicles. I'm sure the Pacific was a good car for its time, but there are newer vehicles with higher towing capacity now.

    What about the new crossover SUVs?
  • racecardvr2003racecardvr2003 Member Posts: 1
    This article is 8 years old updated 3 years ago. Impressive! Uhhh don't they have any more recent data than this. New flash!!! JFK was shot in Dallas. Oh sorry that was 50 years ago....
  • petepetepetepete Member Posts: 1
    Dumbest thing I have read in years!
  • ugot2bkiddingugot2bkidding Member Posts: 1
    This makes no sense at all. Just a headline to get attention with no substance in the article. I can't believe how poor journalism is today.
  • dadstaxi54dadstaxi54 Member Posts: 1
    The Toyota Highlander handles 5000 pounds with the optional towing package. Mine handles my 3500 pound popup in the Rocky Mountains with ease.
  • rexford_l_rexford_l_ Member Posts: 3
    of course, for 2013, the Ram 3500 is rated to tow...... 30,010 lbs, and GCWR of 37,600 lbs.. by far the heaviest towing capacity of any pickup. (2013 F450 max towing is 24,700 lbs, GCWR of 33,000 lbs, 2013 Silverado HD max towing 23,100 lbs, GCWR of 30,500 lbs)
  • houseboaterhouseboater Member Posts: 1
    My research led me to purchase a VW Touareg TDI. It has a tow capacity of 7700 lbs and still gets 29+ mpg on the highway in daily usage. That is hard to ignore for towing a boat or trailer with a luxury SUV. The 2013 Porsche Cayenne and the Audi Q7 have the same engine option (V-6 turbo diesel).
  • roma_13roma_13 Member Posts: 1
    My 2011 BMW X5 tows 6000 lbs, has great gas mileage and it is not on the list.
  • johnb56johnb56 Member Posts: 1
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    If you wanting to pull a boat a few times a year. ses my Recommendations below:

    Durango Citadel-V6-AWD VS 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee-Limited-4wd-V6.

    The Durango is NOTABLY more stable with the longer wheel base. Plenty of power for towing around 5k lbs. My brother has a 2015 Durango, Citadel, AWD, with the Hemi. He has towed his 23' Cobalt bowrider from Lake Norman NC, to Upstate NY's Lake George and it did great. Mileage isn't so great on the Hemi, but my V6 gets easily 25mpg highway with my heavy right foot, and I average 21mpg around town. I towed my 16' Tall, enclosed trailer with a light load of dining room furniture, with my V6.. and it did a WHOLE lot easier than my 1996 Chevy 1500 4x4 5.7.

    a Grand Cherokee with Ecodiesel.

    It won't be fast but will probably get 15mpg towing, 25+ unloaded and is rated for 7200lbs I think in the 4wd. And still turns tighter than a Tahoe! Seriously though, the new Tahoes are sweet rides but they are really proud of them. My wife comes from a GM family and has always driven GM. I honestly thought she would get one but after having an open mind she picked the Durango for comfort/ride, options etc over a Tahoe, Yukon, Acadia, Traverse. Our only requirement going in was seating for 7. I seriously wish they would have offered the Ecodiesel in the Durango.

    the Tahoe

    They get way better gas mileage than a durango or grand cherokee and can turn into tight parking spots, etc better than ANYTHING else out there. My wife had a 4 runner when I met her and when our family grew to 3 kids she drove a Tahoe and never looked back! For the guy with the trailer brake comment, it is a federal law that any trailer with a gvrw over 3000 lbs must have fully functional/operational brakes. I tow my 19ss everywhere and it does it with total ease. The only downside to the Tahoe is the price, but in my opinion, well worth it.

    The Hemi Grand Cherokee

    The Hemi has more HP and TQ than anything else that is "smaller than a Tahoe". It also has more HP and TQ than anything suggested other than a Escalade. It would do very well for what the OP is asking for. And as our friend from across the pond suggested, you don't need a full size truck to tow a 5500 pound boat safely.
    In Fact you can get it going just fine with a smaller SUV. Towing isn't the issue, not being pulled around by the 5k beast behind you is. Stopping is way more important! And when that trailer starts to sway at highway speeds, you don't want to be In a vehicle that weighs the same or less than your boat.
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    I don't feel like this is still it?
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