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imageDrive by Numbers - Tesla in all 50 states

Mississippi was the lone holdout but there is now a Tesla Model S in every state

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  • puffyheartcarspuffyheartcars Member Posts: 10
    phc puffyhearts Tesla....or is it Tezzzzla? Or Tessssssssla? Or a personal fave: Tezzler....

    phc has made the astute observation that a person can be profiled according to their preference on the pronunciation. Tezla is someone who is just too cool for school....Tesla is a bit more academic...too school for cool (no-hipster zone) Overthinking this? Perhaps.

    Truthfully, everything phc knows about electric cars is from the movie Revenge of the Electric Car. Sooooo wanting a Gadget conversion on a vintage car. (Add: props to Edmunds for great commentary)
  • openeyes1openeyes1 Member Posts: 22
    I'm surprised this site is still up, Edmunds at one time had an excellent site to review new auto press releases which had a great following (insidelines), then they killed it off, just like this site will be, makes no sense.
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