2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid Road Test

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image2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid Road Test

We drive the all-new 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid, a practical, spacious hatchback that promises over 40 mpg and more than enough room for the entire family.

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  • janicezjanicez Member Posts: 1
    How can we just accept mileage in the mid-30s from the Ford C-Max when 47 mpg was promised. Ford is misleading the public and should be forced to back down on its claim or prove that 47 mpg is reasonaby possible in that car.
    I would like the 47 mpg!
    Handling and braking are also very important. Roominess is secondary, a nice-to-have.
    How can I get all 3??
  • mitzi216mitzi216 Member Posts: 1
    Any predictions on whether Ford will add a spare tire to a later edition? Or get the mileage up? For me the lack of a spare tire is almost a deal breaker, though I prefer the C-max to the Camry or Prius in all other regards.
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