Evaluating Stolen Vehicle Recovery Systems

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imageEvaluating Stolen Vehicle Recovery Systems

Considering a Stolen Vehicle Recovery System? Most, like OnStar, use GPS Tracking; others, like LoJack, don't. We break down the pricing and the pros and cons.

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  • joykjoyk Member Posts: 1
    LoJack doesn't work. I think that most people would not go through the trouble of testing it. But I tested it for the first time, after buying it twice before and never testing it. I took it on faith that it was working to protect my car. Totally untrue. My new $60,000 baby would have been LONG GONE if I depended on LoJack. They never contacted me on 3 of 4 tests I ran, even after a few angry phone calls to their customer service line. I think if you have a choice, save your thousand dollars and take it to Vegas. This is the same gamble you would undertake if you got the LoJack.
  • stu11926stu11926 Member Posts: 1
    Technology in this area of theft protection has advanced quite a bit in the five years since this article was published. I would like to see it updated.
  • SteveLondonSteveLondon FloridaMember Posts: 1
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    My car was equipped with LoJack back in 1995, and after being stolen in Queens, New York, the police located it in Flushing Meadow Park once after being stolen. Another time the same car was stolen off the street in Manhattan and again I got my car back. Great system using FM! They saved me a lot of time, money and hassle. The first and best auto recovery system, the only one connected to the police using FM radio signal, not cell signals that can be blocked.
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