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imageCar-Buying Tips for a Slow Economy

Edmunds offers Car-Buying Tips for the Slow Economy, with advice on New Car Financing, Leasing, Auto Incentives and Used Cars.

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    Hi, I agree with buying cars 2-3 years old rather than new. But for some reason, alot of the used models are priced higher. I am looking to buy a 3 year or less Honda CRV (very basic model with no extra options/features), The cheapest price I have found locally is $21,700 and that is a new one from dealer. I need 36K miles or less, automatic transmission as it is for my daughter in college. I live in Georgia but am willing to travel up to 400 miles to get the best price. Do you have any suggestion as to the best place to buy from and also what is the dealer cost for a basic 2011 CRV? No trade in and will be paying cash.
    I appreciate your help.
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