Daewoo U100 - Coming to the U.S. in early 2002

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me that this little crossover hatchback/SUV is indeed coming to the U.S. in early 2002. The message touted it's carrying capabilities and ease of parking in tight places. Let's bounce it around small car enthusiasts! They also stated in their message back to me that it's going to be featured at U.S. auto shows immediately.

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    they were going to have the naming contest about? If so, it's a car I like, although not sure how well it will do in U.S.
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    in the contest. A lucky winner whose name idea was picked to actually place on the car was going to get one for free(well, T&L would have to be paid). I don't know if the contest is off now-a victim of bankruptcy troubles-or what.

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    Just so you know, that car has existed for almost 4 years overseas as the Daewoo Tacuma. It has some very funky styling, not particularly pleasant in my eyes. Apparently it's based on the Nubira. The British press generally says that it's fairly accomodating and packed with features, but drives terribly and is sort of cheap (and not the good cheap). The styling is very polarizing, though. Having seen a purple one in London once it's probably a bit taller than a Focus and as long as a Protege-5.

    All of that makes me think that this car isn't really destined for any kind of sales success. The grille alone is enough to turn off a lot of drivers.
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    Here's a photo of the uniquely shaped mini-SUV/wagon/car.


    Select the "new cars" button on the bottom of the page and then select Tacuma. You can pick the engine size you want and click on it. You'll see the front and rear look of the Tacuma. Code named U100 still in the U.S. unless Daewoo decides to honor their contest and name a winner in the "name the U100 contest."
    (!!) :D

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