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Winterize Your Vehicle

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imageWinterize Your Vehicle

Winterize Your Vehicle article on Edmunds.com

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  • tmarcjonestmarcjones Member Posts: 1
    Great tips for all of us, particularly with this severe cold snap we are having. I like the information on snow tires too!
  • ramoncramonc Member Posts: 10
    This is an excellent piece but, and I feel strongly about this, it should have been published several months ago!! There is time to prepare and now, with snow and ice on the ground, it is a bit late!!! Next year, please, publish this in September/October time frame. Thanks.
  • solo_racersolo_racer Member Posts: 1
    "If the mixture deviates from this norm, then hot- and cold-weather performance can suffer."

    A 50:50 mix in hot weather is less efficient at keeping an engine cool. Most of the racers I know use distilled water, pump lubricant/anti-corrosion treatment and a wetting agent.
  • mikeyp53mikeyp53 Member Posts: 55
    You left out the best advice of all, read your owners manual and follow the maintenance schedule. And if the snow is so deep you need snow tires, stay home.
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