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Infiniti I35 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I live in houston and drove to Austin for this awsome deal... However, they just incr. the price I35 to $27k (w/sunroof, truck mat&splash gards. Ck out their website. I was very please with the service that was provided to me both over the phone and in person. Shealea is the Internet Mgr. and she was first class. I am very happy with the purchase and the service. Good luck!
  • My dad is closing tomorrow on a Ruby I35 with heated seats, moonroof, splash guards, trunk mat. $4000 off List $31,565 = $27,565 + ttl. On their website they're offering '02 I35's without heated seats at $26,995. Outstanding value! 2002 is the best year yet for the I. Only changes for '03 are embroidered logo on front seats, a little more faux wood, adding Diamond Graphite, dropping Royal Ruby. Car is for my mom and she is thrilled with the red.
  • rahulrahul Posts: 4
    Would you mind telling me the name of the salesperson your dad is dealing with? I too am in the market for an I35 and am looking to get the best deal possible.

  • rahulrahul Posts: 4
    I hope to pick up my I-35 with Sunroof/Sunshade pkg on Monday. The deal I am getting is 26995.00 + TTL on a 2002 model. I can also get any 2003 model for 700 over invoice. I will probably go with the 2002 model as they changed very little between the two years and am getting a better deal. There is a dealer incentive of about 1500.00 for October that the dealer should pass on to you.
  • I've received what I feel is another good deal from Infiniti of Charlotte. I decided to trade up my 2001 I30 for a I35. They had a nice 02 model and so I decided to get that and not wait for the right 03. It has sport, cold, SR/SS, chrome, spoiler, spare. Sticker was 35,445. I purchased it for $31,693. This is why I choose Infiniti again. Besides the fact that I like them and you get more options for better value, Infiniti is just much more aggressive at making a deal than Acura or Lexus and the like. I hope they keep the I or make the G bigger. If not then I am saving up for the M.
  • yurygyuryg Posts: 15
    Is the $1500 October dealer incentive for 02 or 03 model yr? Where did you get this info - Edmunds has nothing listed for I35?
  • dbb2dbb2 Posts: 1
    I live in West LA and just bought a 2002 midnight blue I35 with beige leather, including sunroof/sunshade and 4 painted splash guards, for $27,198 ($29,908 including taxes and fees). I went through and they were GREAT! I know MSRP is $4,300 higher for a 2003.

    I filled out the form on their site last Tues night, Frank called me Wed morning to go over what I said I wanted. (He's their Infiniti rep) He called again Thursday morning to say he'd found the car. Midnight blue is really tough to find - especially a 2002. They worked the deal with a dealer in West LA (10 miles from my place) and Frank was very professional and more knowledgeable about the car than the salespeople at the local dealer (not the one I bought from).

    I bought Lojack through for $695 and the installer is coming later this week to install it at my home. I am expecting this last step of the process to go as smoothly as everything has this past week. I'm telling everyone I know about the service. Saved a ton of $$$!
  • Hello! I am thinking of 2003, cold weather package, sports package, sunroof, nothing else. What would be a good deal? I am in PA.
    What did you pay?
  • i am looking to lease an infinit i35 w sunroof/sunshade package and cold weather package. Need 15k miles a year. any info regarding lease price with out of pocket would be helpful. thanks.
  • Can ANYONE tell me

    what a good price on a lease of a I35 with 12k miles for 48 months?

    thank you
  • Can anyone tell me what a good lease payment should be at 12, 000 miles at 38 months with 0 down ahould be?

  • i write a tiny weekly auto feature for a major business daily and am looking for drivers of the infiniti I35 to share their experiences with me and possibly be listed in the small piece (in the paper) as a driver of the car. Executive-types preferred (ceos, VPs, doctors, lawyers etc.) but all are welcomed to contact me about their I35. My email is LANETEF@YAHOO.COM
  • palmerpalmer Posts: 33
    Got a quote on a new 03 Infinity I35 with:

    cold weather package
    sunroof/sunshade package
    splash guards
    trunk mat

    MSRP: $31,885

    Dealer offered me $27,500 if I bought it off the lot. What do you think of this offer?
  • lilelvislilelvis Posts: 82
    I can't tell you for sure if that's a good deal, but I am considering a similarly equipped I35 and was expecting to pay 27-27.5K. They are advertising base I35s here in N. Va for 25.8K So when you add on the cold weather and sunroof, i think it puts you in that ball park. I tried to deal with an internet manager in january to see if they would go down into the 27K range and he wouldn't then. But I35s are about 2K less now. In short, although you might be able to do a little better, I certainly think it sounds like a good deal. Please post what your final outcome is I would love to think that one could be had under 27.5. Good luck.
  • iluvmaximailuvmaxima Posts: 1
    Glendale Infiniti in California. I bought a base model I35 with no option for $24595 @ 2.9 apr. I guess they are discontinuing I35.
  • tturedraidertturedraider Posts: 159
    Palmer & lilelvis, howdy. Check my post #68 from back in October.

    My folks got one equipped just like the one you mention, Palmer, for exactly $27,500. I imagine that's a pretty good price today. They dropped even lower in November and December '02 because Infiniti was kicking in some extra money. But, in January that money went away and prices went back up.

    I expect the price may drop again toward the end of the summer, but selection might be getting slim.

    I haven't been able to find any definitive word on whether the I35 will be back for '04. The guessing seems to be about 50-50. If its not, Infiniti might keep producing '03 models until around the end of the year. They did that the last year of the G20.

    If you could get them to do $27.5k and 2.9% financing, that would probably make a really good deal. Officially Infiniti Financial is offering 0.9% for up to 36 months and 2.9% for up to 60. But, sometimes dealers can make a deal with local lenders (probably a credit union) to match the low least the 2.9%. I'm pretty sure with Infiniti Financial it is low price or low rate. If they have an outside financing deal you could get both. They have incentive for that, because they get a $200 - $400 kickback from the lender.
  • kianoushkianoush Posts: 6
    iluvmaxima, Did you get this price in response to an ad they had or did you negotiate it down?! I live in southern California and looking for a base model. I like to get the same price you got! I would appreciate any information you could give me. Thanks.
  • fyi - I was just on Grubbs Infiniti's website - . They have '03 I35's discounted $4340. $31335 - 4340 = $26995. That is for a "basic" I35 - sunroof/rear sunshade, splash guards and trunk mat. Oh yeah, Grubbs is in the mid-cities of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

    Just thought inquiring minds might want to know. ;-)
  • I just got a direct mail ad today from Grubbs for the '03 I35 equipped the same as I mentioned above for $25,999.
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    On offer at my local dealership.
  • Just bought a new '03 I35 at Ramsey Infiniti in NJ for $26,700 + tax This includes cold pkg and sunroof/rear sunshade pkg. Great salesman..very comprehensive.
  • Congrats!! That is a great deal! The I35 is a super value. Especially considering all you get for your money. I love when I get to drive my mother's I35 and I'd like to pick up an '04 in the Spring or Summer. Happy trails. No speeding! ;-)
  • lex430lex430 Posts: 52
    Just brought home a graphite/graphite 04' I35 with Navigation, no other packages. Miller Infiniti in Van Nuys treated me very well. This is the 2nd car that I have bought from the fleet mgr David. The base invoice for the car is $26,799, plus the nav at $1805 for a total of $28,604. (Add tax and license on top)

    Very pleasant attitude, great to deal with, straight forward and really tried to please the customers. If anyone is in the market for an I35, definitely hit up Miller!

    Like to hear what others are getting on an 04'
  • lex430lex430 Posts: 52
    I am surprised! no one is buying a 04' I35???
  • lufzedlufzed Posts: 1
    I just purchased an 04, I35 with XM Satellite Radio and rear spoiler for a "drive out" cost of $29,499 in Atlanta, GA. The MSRP was $32,205 plus TTT. Was this a good deal? I feel I could never win against the car dealers.
    The dealer also sold me Gap insurance for $500. Is this insurance really necessary? I think I still have the option of dropping the insurance if it is not needed.
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    Well, the invoice is $29,905 on that car so you did well.
    Gap insurance is worth having if you bought the car with very little down or if you are leasing. However, you might want to shop around and see if you can get it for less elsewhere. $500 sounds a little high.
  • I am planning to buy the 04-I35 just for the value it has to offer for the price. I am getting a 04 I35 for $27,200 with cold weather package does not include tax & registration.
    How does the deal sound?
  • I am planning to buy the 04-I35 just for the value it has to offer for the price. I am getting a 04 I35 for $27,200 with cold weather package does not include tax & registration.
    How does the deal sound?
  • Sounds like a very good deal. Doesn't sound like you're leaving any money on the table. Congratulations.
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