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Caught! Big Brother May Be Watching You With Traffic Cameras

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imageCaught! Big Brother May Be Watching You With Traffic Cameras

Big Brother May Be Watching You With Traffic Cameras article on Edmunds.com

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  • crown5crown5 Member Posts: 24
    Good point for discussion
    Red light cameras have been around for a number of years here in Manitoba. They have been classified as a cash grab by many.
    The subject surfaces periodically mentioning it now cost more to maintain these units than fines coming in as drivers familiar with the route abide by regulations in force.
    Picture taken of either front or rear of vehicle to obtain plate number. If the vehicle is not registered to the current driver, the registered owner is fined thus having to testify as to who was driving at the time. Lots of red tape on which law enforcement remain silent on thes issues.
  • cainjonescainjones Member Posts: 1
    The new technology somewhat enforce the law and that's might as well an advantage and a disadvantage.I guess the government will get more acquisition in it, more cash are induced for MP's expenses under this so called road safety. Well there are no significant evidences that speed cameras lessen accidents.Red-light cameras have become popular since their release in the early 1990s. The cameras are intended to automatically take a picture of any automobile that crosses through an intersection while the traffic signal indicates red. Tickets are then issues and sent out the vehicle's listed owner. Opponents say they are unpleasant and put earnings ahead of public security. Advocates say they keep motorists in line are and cost-effective. I read this here: Do red-light cameras put profit over public safety?.
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