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  • mikeytpmikeytp Member Posts: 2
    After selecting several dealers, then slogging through the carwoo signup process, I did not receive a single response prior to purchasing late in the day.

    May have been due to my short time requirement (which was mentioned in my request).
  • karhill1karhill1 Member Posts: 164
    I too have attempted to use Carwoo a couple of times. I really got nothing useful either time. One time I did get a couple of quotes which were not as good as quotes I got on my own.

    I suspect dealers have concluded folks who use Carwoo, or True Car, are reluctant to negotiate and are only looking for a discounted price. Dealers likely do not provide their lowest price to Carwoo inquiries.

    Really, when purchasing a vehicle, nothing replaces actual negotiations with the sales staff. And, IMHO, it is always best to initiate contact with a dealer through the dealer's internet staff.
  • mtns2seamtns2sea Member Posts: 4
    Similar experience here. Tried using CarWoo three times. Twice, I received no response from any dealer. The other time, only one dealer responded and he didn't even have an offer, he just asked me to give him the chance to match any other offer I got.
  • bradkfbradkf Member Posts: 1
    Carwoo is anonymous and free. What does it hurt to try? Contrary to the other posts here I got a great offer on Carwoo. Almost too good to be true. What I wonder is if the dealer is obligated to honor the price?
  • ejakabejakab Member Posts: 20
    Please let us know whether the dealer did honor the Carwoo price.
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