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imageDefensive Driving School for Teenagers

Instructor Tom Hunter explains to Jackie Francois how the car will perform during an accident avoidance maneuver at Willow Springs Raceway. "Remember," he tells her, "physics always wins." | March 18, 2010 |  

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  • crishcrish Member Posts: 0
    Hi Philip Reed..!!

    Thank you for giving valuable tips. I also joined some course for learning car & rules of driving.
  • bjornbuttonbjornbutton Member Posts: 1
    I would recommend taking a defensive driving course nj. It shows you what to look out for so you do not make the mistakes that cause accidents. I think it is important that teenagers take this class before they get seriously hurt from making an ignorant mistake.
  • krista42krista42 Member Posts: 2
    Please help. My son is driving in about 2 months, and he has taken the normal classes that are needed to drive. I am very concerned that he will not be prepared for defensive driving, and I would like to find an intensive Defensive Driving course for teens. Does any one know who I can contact to sign him up for this class or any other great class.
    Thank you,
  • krista42krista42 Member Posts: 2
    I forgot to mention in my previous post that I live in Orange County, CA, so I didn't know if any one knew of any courses around this area that highly recommended.

    Thanks again!

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